Human History Research


Where I Begin Human History

Approx. 3500 BC

Figures of a man and a woman, from Cernavodă, Romania, are made.

Approx. 3500 bc

Metalcasting began in the Mohenjodaro area.

Approx. 3500 BC

First cities developed in Southern Mesopotamia. Inhabitants migrated from north.

Approx. 3500 bc - Approx. 2340 bc

Jar with boat designs, from Hierakonpolis (today in the Brooklyn Museum) is created.

Approx. 3450 bc

Bronze Age starts in Indus Valley (Harappa)

Approx. 3300 bc

Ötzi the Iceman dies

Approx. 3300 bc

Construction of three megalithic temples at Tarxien, Malta.

Approx. 3250 bc - Approx. 3000 bc

Construction of the Newgrange solar observatory/passage tomb in Ireland.

Approx. 3200 bc - Approx. 2900 bc

Construction of the Ħaġar Qim megalithic temple complex on Malta, featuring both solar and lunar alignments.

Approx. 3200 bc - Approx. 2500 bc

Sumerian Cuneiform Writing begins

Approx. 3200 BC

Skara Brae is built and is inhabited in Scotland

Approx. 3180 bc - Approx. 2500 bc

Predynastic period ended in Ancient Egypt.

Approx. 3150 bc

Tollmann's hypothetical bolide event may have occurred.

Approx. 3150 bc

August 11, 3114 BC—start date of the Mayan calendar.

3114 BC

Beginning of Kali Yuga as per Vedas

3102 bc

According to the legend, Menes unifies Upper and Lower Egypt

Approx. 3100 bc

Narmer Palette

Approx. 3100 bc

The oldest currently (2013) living non-clonal organism germinated in the Grove of the Ancients.

Approx. 3051 bc

Construction of Stonehenge Begins

Approx. 3000 bc

First known use of papyrus by Egyptians

Approx. 3000 bc

Discovery of silver.

Approx. 3000 bc

First pottery in Colombia

Approx. 3000 bc

Sumerian temple of Janna at Eridu erected.

Approx. 3000 bc

Temple at Al-Ubaid and tomb of Mes-Kalam-Dug built near Ur, Chaldea.

Approx. 3000 bc



Cucuteni-Trypillian culture in Romania and the Ukraine

Approx. 4800 bc - Approx. 3000 bc

The beginnings of Iberian civilizations, arrival to the peninsula dating as far back as 4000 BC.

Approx. 4000 bc - Approx. 3000 bc

Cycladic civilization in Greece

Approx. 3200 BC - Approx. 2000 BC

Rise of Proto-Elamite Civilization in Iran

Approx. 3200 bc - Approx. 2500 bc

First Dynasty of Egypt

Approx. 3150 bc - Approx. 2890 bc

Jiroft civilization begins in Iran

Approx. 3000 bc

Norte Chico civilization in Peru

Approx. 3000 bc - Approx. 1700 BC

First to Fourth dynasty of Kish in Mesopotamia.

Approx. 3000 bc