Victorian Literature Timeline with Serial Novels' Dates

Novels Published in Serial Parts

Dombey and Son

October 1846 - April 1848

Vanity Fair

January 1847 - July 1848

William Makepeace Thackeray, part issues

The Woman in White

November 1859 - August 1860

Wilkie Collins, weekly parts in All the Year Round

Framley Parsonage

January 1860 - April 1861

Anthony Trollope, monthly parts in Cornhill Magazine

East Lynne

January 1860 - September 1861

Mrs. Henry Wood, serialized in Colburn's New Monthly Magazine

Great Expectations

December 1860 - August 1861

Charles Dickens, weekly installments in All the Year Round

Can You Forgive Her?

January 1864 - August 1865

Anthony Trollope, part issues

Our Mutual Friend

May 1864 - November 1865

Charles Dickens, part issues

Wives and Daughters

August 1864 - January 1866

Elizabeth Gaskell, monthly parts in Cornhill Magazine


November 1864 - June 1866

Wilkie Collins, monthly parts in Cornhill Magazine

Issued as Volumes

Jane Eyre

October, 1847

Charlotte Brontë, 3 volumes

Wuthering Heights

December, 1847

Emily Brontë, 2 volumes, published with Anne Brontë's Agnes Grey

Agnes Grey

December 1847

Anne Brontë. Published with Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights

Mary Barton

October 1848

Elizabeth Gaskell

Adam Bede

February 1859

George Eliot, 3 volumes

On Liberty

February 1859

John Stuart Mill

The Bertrams

March 1859

Anthony Trollope, 3 volumes

Idylls of the King

May 1859

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Origin of Species

November 1859

Charles Darwin


November 1859

Samuel Smiles

Notes on Nursing

December 1859

Florence Nightingale

The Octoroon

December 1859

Dion Boucicault

Poems Before Congress

March 1860

Elizabeth Barrett Browning