Sir Martin Frobisher

Martin Frobisher was a navigator navigator, explorer, naval officer and pirate. He was the first English explorer to sail the northeast North American coast.

Life Events

These are the main events in the life of Frobisher



Martin Frobisher was born in Yorkshire, England. He was he sixteenth child of Bernard Frobisher of Altofts.

Became a Knight


Fought for the English against the Spanish Armada and was knighted for his efforts.



Married second wife, Dorothy Wentworth, in Altofts



On November 22nd 1594, Frobisher died from wounds he got fighting the Spanish in Brest.


Frobisher Bay, in the Canadian Territory of Nunavut, is named after him.

He is credited with the celebration of the first Canadian Thanksgiving after safe landing of Frobisher's fleet in Newfoundland after an unsuccessful attempt to find the Northwest Passage.

The Beginning Of Three Voyages


On June 7th 1576, Frobisher began a series of 3 trips to what is now Canada.
Claimed Baffin Island, Resolution Island for England.

Sailing to Frobisher Bay


On May 27th Frobisher Sailed to Frobisher Bay to mine for gold but found pyrite instead which was quite worthless.

Sailed to Greenland


On June 3rd, Frobisher Sailed with a fleet via the English Channel to Greenland intending to start a settlement. Rough seas resulted in loss of a ship and rest of the group celebrated a first Thanksgiving in Newfoundland.

Voyage to The West Indies


He was made vice admiral for Sir Francis Drake's voyage to the West Indies