French Revolution

How the French Revolution happend


Prior to the French Revolution

major events and people that helped cause the French Revolution

Rule of Louis XIV

1657 - 1715

Sun King's rule was noted for spending huge amounts of money on a palace at Versailles, high taxes, expensive unsuccessful wars and wastefulness

Seven year war

1763 - 1770

there was a big war

End of Monarchy

1789 - 1799

They decided to try a constitutional monarch.

The tennis court oath


The French Revolution

American Decloration of independence


the americans won the independence of france.

The estates general was summoned


the estates general was summond for seriouse bussenes.

Fall of the Basties


major events of the French Revolution

Fudal privileges abolished


Monarch had no power over a single human after this point

Civil constitution of the clergy


The Civil constitutuion of the clergy was formed .

Flight to Varennes


The King and Queen tried to escape with their childern to try to restore monachy by getting money from thier frends the aristocrates in different counries. this was thwarted by jean baptiste drouet becouse he recongnized the king. they were imprisond

Monarchy Overthrown


August 1792 the king was forced to accept the new constitusion of france. the convention decided he should be trued and executed for his crimes. they were removed from the royal palace. louis and marie antoninette were both gullotined.

Convention Meets


october 1792. the convention decided that the king should be tried for his crimes against the country and executed.

Louis the XVI Executed


January 21 1793. citizen louis capet is executed by the guillotine.

Reign of Terror Begins

1793 - 1794

september 1793. All enemies of the Revolution and the Girondists were arrested and imprisoned. Many were arrested and guillotined. (3700 people were guillotined over one year)

Marie Antoinette Executed


october 1793. marie was guillotned in october

Napoleon crowns himself Emperor


The last phase of the revolution changes the government back to a way it used to be.

After the French Revolution

The Directory first meets


This is the end of the revolution as a middle class government is established where only people who own property can vote

Fall of Robespierre


Robespierre was gullotioned