Number the Stars

Events from the book

The Danish Navy sinks ships.

August 29, 1943

The Danish Navy sunk 29 of their own ships so the German's couldn't take them and use them.

Nazi soldier.

Approx. September 25, 1943

AnneMarie and her jewish friend, Ellen are playing and running in the streets. AnneMarie bumps into a Nazi Soldier. Both girls are scared because they've been told to blend in and not get noticed.


Approx. September 29, 1943

The Jewish people were told about the planned round up and relocation of their people. Many went into hiding including the Rosen's. Ellen hid with Annemarie's family.

Star of David

Approx. September 30, 1943

Annemarie saved Ellen's life by breaking her Star of David necklace off her neck when the Nazis showed up to search the house.

Great Aunt Birte

Approx. October 15, 1943

The family and friends fake the death Great Aunt Birte (an imaginary aunt). This was a way to get the jews together and hide them from the soldiers. They would then hide on a boat to travel across to Sweden where they would be safe.

The package

Approx. October 16, 1943

Annemarie finds a package that was dropped by Mr. Rosen. She rushes it to Uncle Hernrick. Inside the package is a hankerchief that had a chemical that causes the dogs to lose their sense of smell. She saves them all because when the Nazi soldiers search the ship, the dogs can't pick up the scent of the hidden Jewish people.

The surrender

Approx. May 4, 1945

Germany surrendered in Denmark. Jewish people started to return home from Sweden. Annemarie is waiting for Ellen to return.

Kirsti's Birthday

August 29, 1945

She has pink cupcakes and the Rosen's return.

Real Events


Approx. 1939

Denmark signs 10-year non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany.


Approx. April 9, 1940

Nazi's invade Denmark with virtually no initial resistance.


Approx. 1943

Danish people begin to resist and Germany takes over full control of Denmark. Thousands of Danish Jews manage to escape to Sweden.

The hunt

Approx. October 1, 1943 - Approx. May 1, 1945

The Nazis hunt for the Jewish people, with little success. Many of the Jews were already in hiding.


Approx. May 4, 1945

Germany surrenders and occupation ends.