"Happenings" In Physical Education


The Olympics

The Olympic Games

776 BC - Present

The Ancient Olympics

776 BC - 394 AD

The Olympic begin in 776 AD. The Ancient Olympics were held every four years for twelve centuries until Emperor Theodosius banned them for being a pagan cult in 394 AD.

The First Olympics

776 BC

The first Olympic Games is held in Athens, Greece. It was to honor the Olympian Gods. The 200m run was the only event.

The Original Olympic Site Is Discovered


The original Olympic site in Olympia, Greece is discovered by Richard Chandler in 1766.

The Olympics Returns

1894 - Present

Baron Pierre de Coubertin founds the International Olympic Committee in 1894. The Olympic Games are re-established as an international athletic competition to be held every four years.

The Olympics is Televised for the First Time


The Olympics is televised for the first time. The 1936 Olympics were held in Berlin, Germany. American track star, Jesse Owen's wins 4 Olympic Gold Medals.

The Olympics Returns to Athens, Greece


The Olympic Games returns to the place of its founding for the 2004 summer Olympics.

The Olympics Inspires Athletes


The Olympics have inspired countless children and adults to be involved in sports and physical fitness.

History Of Organized Sports in America

Organized Sports In America

1700 - Present

Organized Sports in Colonial America


Colonial America did not emphasize physical fitness. Most people were farmers and hard manual labor was part of their every day life. However, it was recommended to get daily physical activity. Thomas Jefferson said, "Not less than two hours a day should be devoted to exercise."
*Sports were played but not formally.

First Organized Sport In America


The New York Knickerbockers Baseball team began playing organized baseball games in the 1840's.

America's First College Sports Events


*In 1852 Yale and Harvard held the first intercollegiate rowing contest.
*in 1859 Amherst and Williams held the first intercollegiate baseball game.
*In 1869 Rutgers and Princeton held the first intercollegiate football game.

America's First Professional Sports Teams


*In 1867 the Cincinnati Red Stockings baseball team was the first all professional paid team in America.
*1871- The NABBP was formed- The first National Association of Professional Base Ball Players.
*1898- The first professional basketball league formed The National Basketball League (NBL).

*1920- The first professional football league formed The American Professional Football Association (APFA).
*1926- The first professional Tennis Tour.

Organized Sports Inspire Physical Fitness


Organized sports encourage and inspire physical fitness at all levels.

Current Number of Organized Sports in America


There are too many youth, recreational, club, amateur, and professional teams and organizations to count.


First Ballet is Performed


In 1661 the first professional ballet is performed in France. King Louis XIV establishes the Acad,mie Royale de Danse. All of the ballet dancers were male.

First Female Ballet Dancer


In France 1681- the first female ballet dancer performed in Le Triomphe de l'Amour.

Romantic Ballet Style


In 1832 the Romantic Ballet style first appeared in Paris. It was a light ballet movement with subjects that were usually otherworldly.

Pointe Shoes First Worn


In 1832, Marie Taglioni was the first female ballet dancer to dance a full ballet wearing pointe shoes.

Father of Modern Ballet


Marius Petipa choreographs for the Imperial Russian Ballet. He is known as the father of modern ballet. Some of his famous ballets are The Sleeping Beauty- 1890, Cinderella- 1893, Swan Lake- 1895, Raymonda- 1898.

Two Ballet Companies Open in America


American Ballet Theater and New York City Ballet (School of American Ballet) both open in 1940 in New York City.

Ballet and Physical Fitness


Ballet encourages and inspires physical fitness.

Ballet Today


Ballet is still a very popular form of classical dance.

Ballet Evolves


Ballet has evolved and inspired many different forms of dance including modern, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip-hop, neo-classical, and many more.

Physical Education in America

Aerobics First Appears in America


In 1823- Catherine Beecher starts a form of calisthenics similar to aerobics.

The First School in America has Physical Education in its Curriculum


In 1823- The Round Hill School in Northampton, Massachusetts has Physical Education as part of its curriculum.

Harvard Opens College Gym


1826- Charles Follen opens the first college gym at Harvard. Introduces gymnastics to Harvard.

Public School Physical Education


1855- Physical Education is part of public school curriculum in Cincinnati, Ohio

President's Council on Physical Education Established


1955- The Kraus- Weber report results in the establishment of the President's Council on Physical Fitness to help American youth be physically fit.

American Guidelines for Physical Activity Enacted


2008- Guidelines developed to help American youth gain physical fitness.

Let's Move Kickstarts


Michelle Obama kickstarts the Let's Move campaign to help get kids to exercise in an effort to reduce childhood obesity.