History of the Internet


The Internet is Born


At 10:30 PM the first message was sent from UCLA computer to a Stanford computer. The message was supposed to say "login" but instead transferred to "lo."

The Internet Grows

Computers added to Network

Approx. 1970

Computers on the network went from 4 to 13.

More Computers

Approx. 1971

The computer amount on the network increased to 23.

100 Computers

Approx. 1977

The 100 computers-on-network barrier was broken in this year. By this point people were spending thousands of dollars just to join the network.

10,000 Computers


10,000 computers were put on the network. Internet was growing.

100,000 Computers

Approx. 1989

Computers great at a rapid rate in two years.

World Wide Web Created

Approx. 1989 - Approx. 1990

Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the the World Wide Web which meant that people could share information and find information through a "browser."

1 Million


10 Million Users


10 million people connected through the internet.

100 Million


100 million people used the internet for daily access.

1.7 billion

Approx. 2015

1.7 Billion people connect through the internet using cell phones, iPads, iPods, and computers.