KJ Period 5 Timeline



James Watt perfects steam engine


The Perfection of the steam engine was a major advancement in the industrial revolution because it improved the factory system a lot.

Cotton gin developed


The cotton gin was a very important invention for the industrial revolution because it allowed easy manufacturing and the factory system

Emancipation of Russian serfs


Although the serfs were free as of 1861 most of them stayed on the farms a and agricultural work because at this time there wasn't really a big factory system in Russia. One of the reasons for their freeing was that Russia's government wanted to have a bigger factory system so they need more workers.

Boer War

1899 - 1902

The Boer War, also known as the South African War, was fought South Africa against British miners. The miners wanted to make as much money from this area as possibly and take all the gold a diamond

Henry Ford and assembly line


The invention of the assembly line was a major advancement in the factory system, and pushed the Industrial revolution to new heights.


Simón Bolívar

1783 - 1830

Simón Bolívar helped to free South America from foreign rule by leading the revolution

Opium War

1839 - 1842

The Opium wars showed Great Britain's imperial power during this time. Great Britain wanted to control trade with China so they were trading Opium for China luxury goods. The war ended up with a very unfair treaty that gave Great Britain more power.

Sepoy Rebellion


The Sepoy Rebellion was a rebellion against imperial Great Britain in India. This mentality against Great Britain eventually lead to India's independence

Meiji restoration


The Meiji restoration change Japans old feudal system into a very westernized civilization. During this time Japan adopted many western ideas into the economy, social lives, and government. They mostly did this to avoid imperial rule of them from A western country like what happened in many other areas during this time.

Suez Canal


The Suez Canal gave Great Britain control of Egypt and also allowed easy access into Africa, thus facilitating the scramble for Africa.

Unification of Italy


Italy was Unified in 1870 by Count Camillo di Cavour and Giuseppe Garibaldi after the reign of Napoleon. Although Italy was not a major Imperial power it was still a semi-powerful nation and that's why its in the section.

Unification of Germany


Otto von Bismarck Unified Germany after it had been divided up, after Germany was unified again it became a large imperial power

Berlin West Africa Conference

1884 - 1885

The Berlin West Africa Conference was held in Berlin for all the Great power of Europe to discuss how they were going to colonized and run Africa fairly, mainly free trade for other nations in ones nations territory. This is an example of European nations Imperialism over African areas

Russo-Japanese war

1904 - 1905

This war was fought between Russia and Japan, Japan won because they accepted western ideas and started to have a industrial revolution

Fall of Qing Dynasty


One of the main reasons for the Qing Dynasty falling was that many European nations had been expanding their spheres of influences. Also Nations like Great Britain started to put trading and imperial pressure on China


American Revolution

1773 - 1787

The American Revolution was that revolution that separated America from Great Britain. It was one of the first revolutions in this time and made America what it is today. This is in the Revolution section because it was a very large revolution

Reign of King Louis XVI

1774 - 1792

King Louis XVI has a major part in the French Revolution because him and his wife were the two major reasons for the revolution and revolt against the government.

French Revolution

1789 - 1799

The French Revolution was one of the most radical revolutions in this period. The french people managed to overthrow the king and the Queen and impose their own enlightened ideas.

Haitian Revolution

1791 - 1804

The Haitian Revolution is the only successful slave revolt in history and happened with in a french territory. One of the reasons it was successful was that the french government was already weakened because of the French Revolution

Reign of Napoleon

1803 - 1815

Napoleon sieges Europe just after the French Revolution. Through his reign he dismantled all the borders in Europe and later the leaders had to re-establish the borders.

Napoleonic Wars

1803 - 1815

The Napoleonic wars were several wars in France the pitted the people against the rest of Europe and cause a lot of problems. This cause lots of distress and problems in Europe and the only reason Napoleon was able to do this was because France was already weakened from the revolution.

Wars of independence in Latin America

1810 - 1825

The war was Latin America were for their freedom from Imperial Countries. As a result of these several countries were formed in south America free of European control.

Congress of Vienna

1814 - 1815

The Congress of Vienna was held after the french revolution and the Napoleonic wars destroyed the peace in Europe. The main purpose of the Congress the re-establish the borders and to try and kill enlightened thoughts that went against the government. (reform)

War of Greek independence

1821 - 1827

The War of Greek Independence, was one of many Independence wars during this time. This was based on Enlightened thoughts asking for freedom from the ottoman Empire.

Communist Manifesto published


The Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, about communist ideals about the economy and social standings. This goes in the revolution section because these enlightened ideas helped propel the revolutions.

Women’s Rights Convention, Seneca Falls, NY


This Convention was organized by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, to talk about women's rights. This shows the Spread of enlightened thoughts and the power of revolutions.

Taiping rebellion

1850 - 1864

The Taiping Rebellion was a revolt that happened in China at the end of the Qing Dynasty. This Rebellion was based on Hong Xiuquan who believed he was the brother of Jesus.

Origin of the Species published


The Origin Of Species contributed to the scientific revolution greatly it also help spread enlightened ideas, as in free thinking.

Indian National Congress founded


This political party was important for India because it is a major factor in India independence from great britain

Boxer Rebellion


The Boxer Rebellion started in Northern China in reaction to the spreading of western ideas there. The people did not welcome the western ideas and thought they did not need them. This was and anti-imperial rebellion and very nationalistic of the people because they did not want to foreign influence.

All-India Muslim League Founded


The All-India Muslim league was founded in 1906 and was a political group that's main goal was to make a separate Muslim nation in British India (during the partition of India) This league acted as a protector for the rights of Indian Muslims. This event counts under the revolution and reform section because the league was made to protect Muslims and it eventually called for and independence united India.

Mexican Revolution

Approx. 1910 - Approx. 1920

The Mexican Revolution started as the people rising against the government, there ideas stemmed from enlightened thought and other revolutions. It ended as a multi sided civil war in Mexico and a reform in Mexico's social organization


Panama Canal


The Panama Canal helped Industrialization because it created a passage for easy trade in Central America and migrantion