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Replace Force10 Agg Stacks - Andy

Group 1 - LV7


Switch names: core1-agg-sw1.lv7 & core1-agg-sw3.lv7
Desire Primary Date: 2/24 (Tue)
Desire Backup Date: 2/25 (Wed)
Release Hold: No
Note: front end switches

Group 2 - LV7


The next group, in LV7, is scheduled to be replaced this Wednesday. All teams have confirmed the date, but we will have a go/what-do-we-have-to-fix-before-go meeting with all on-calls tomorrow afternoon. Comms have also started for the next replacement, the backend agg in SV2.

Group 3 - SV2


3/26 - Primary date: 3/31 8:30PM to 11:30PM
Possible Backup date: 4/2 8:30PM to 11:30PM

3/24 - Due to ISSUE-1635, tonight's agg replacement maintenance has been cancelled.
3/16 - We will replace core1-agg-sw3.sv2 between 7pm - 9pm PDT, Tuesday, March 24th. Second, the maintenance window has been changed from 7PM-9PM PDT to 8:30PM-11:30PM PDT. This change was meant to accommodate the web app release completeness.

Group 4 - SV2


Group 4
Switch names: core1-agg-sw1.sv2 & core1-agg-sw2.sv2
Desire Primary Date: 4/07 (Tue)
Desire Backup Date: 4/08 (Wed)
Release Hold: No
Note: front end switches

Group 5 - VE


Group 5
Switch names: &
Desire Primary Date: 4/21 (Tue)
Desire Backup Date: 4/22 (Wed)

Replace FWSMs - Henry

Complete LV7


Corporate Network Rearchitecture / RWC - Zhen/Rommel

Wrap up POC with all Vendors


Wireless (Cisco, Aruba)
802.1x/NAC (Cisco, Aruba)
Data Center Switching/Routing (Arista, Cisco)
Office Switching/Routing (Cisco)
WAN Routing (Cisco)
Wan Acceleration (Cisco, Riverbed)
Internet Routing (Cisco)
Firewall (Palo Alto)
SSL VPN (Cisco, Juniper)
OOB (Palo Alto)

Issue Orders


Finalize Vendors and Modules for RWC purchase

All Orders Received


RCW Network Ready