Team UCI Implementation

Perinatal Project Dept A

LifeWings Site Assessment

Approx. 04/15/2014 - Approx. 04/16/2014

Hospital & Perinatal Leadership Development Events

Approx. 10/08/2014 - Approx. 10/09/2014

Perinatal Publicity Campaign

Approx. 11/01/2014 - Approx. 12/31/2016

Leadership continuously Publicizes the project: events, goals, transparently share measurements, wins, where to improve, celebrations of performance, share with the rest of the hospital, etc.

Perinatal Baseline Measurements Data Collection

Approx. 01/01/2015 - Approx. 04/30/2015

Baseline Measurements/Data Collection of current state of desired Actions in the Results Accelerator

Perinatal TSWs for Staff & Physicians

Approx. 01/14/2015 - Approx. 02/26/2015

TSW (Teamwork Skills Workshops) 4-Hr training classes for frontline staff & physicians
Currently have 10 classes with max of 50 participants for each class.
Can have more classes if necessary.
Suggest 3 different weeks that offer 3 classes on consecutive days. Last class will be held until Hardwired Safety Tools Workshop visit for those who could not attend the other classes.

Perinatal 3-day Hardwired Safety Tools Workshop

Approx. 02/23/2015 - Approx. 02/25/2015

Initial Tools Building & Tools Implementation Planning

Perinatal Tools Trials, Training & Implementation

Approx. 03/01/2015 - Approx. 08/24/2015

Tools Workgroup made up of frontline staff & physicians will be following their implementation plans to trial, revise, train and coach Tools.

Perinatal Continuous Implementation Measurements

Approx. 03/01/2015 - Approx. 12/31/2016

Continuous measurement of compliance with new Tools. Continuous measurements of Actions/Behaviors.
Share all progress/measurements transparently with frontline so all know if winning or need to modify with more coaching / revise Tool, etc.

Perinatal Leadership Rounding & Performance Coaching for low performers

Approx. 03/16/2015 - Approx. 12/31/2015

Perinatal 2-day Implementation Assist Visit by LifeWings

05/12/2015 - 05/13/2015

Perinatal Post Implementation Audit Visit

Approx. 08/04/2015 - Approx. 08/05/2015

Approximately 6 months after Implementation

Perinatal Recurrent Training - conducted by Team UCI

Approx. 01/18/2016 - Approx. 02/29/2016

1 year after first classes

Team UCI Train-The-Trainer (TTT)

Classroom TTT of Team UCI Site Assessors

Approx. 08/31/2015

Classroom TTT of Team UCI LDI Master Trainers

Approx. 09/03/2015

Afternoon - Classroom training for Team UCI LDI facilitators

TTT of 7 Team UCI TSW Master Trainers - 1 full week

Approx. 09/21/2015 - Approx. 09/25/2015

1 week of training for 7 identified UCI candidates. These individuals will spend one week receiving facilitator training to conduct the 4 hour training class (TSW- Teamwork Skills Workshops).

Classroom TTT of Team UCI HST Master Trainers

Approx. 11/09/2015

NICU Project Dept B

NICUl Site Assessment conducted by both LifeWings and Team UCI Site Assessors

Approx. 09/01/2015 - Approx. 09/02/2015

NICU Leadership TSW - 5 hrs, LifeWings conducts, the 7 Team UCI TSW Master Trainers observe

Approx. 09/03/2015

Morning - 7 am to 12 pm, LifeWings will conduct this course while 7 Team UCI TSW Master Trainer candidates observe. This course is the same 4-hour training class/TSW (Teamwork Skills Workshop) that the 7 Master Trainers will eventually be conducting. It is 5 hours long for the leadership version to allow more time for planning discussions.

NICU Physician Presentation - 1.5 hours

Approx. 09/03/2015

Co-present with LDI Master Trainers if they are comfortable, or they observe.

NICU LDI co-facilitated by LifeWings & Team UCI LDI Master Trainers

Approx. 09/04/2015

LDI - Leadership Development Institute

NICU Publicity Campaign

Approx. 09/07/2015 - Approx. 06/30/2017

NICU Baseline Measurement Data Collection

Approx. 09/14/2015 - Approx. 12/31/2015

NICU TSWs - conducted by Team UCI Master Trainers

Approx. 10/05/2015 - Approx. 11/20/2015

4 hr training classes for Neonatal Staff & Physicians.
A LifeWings Facilitator will be present for the first 3 or 4 classes to provide final certification. These first 3-4 TSWs need to be conducted concurrently so only one trip for LifeWings.

NICU 3-day HST Workshop co-facilitated with LifeWings & Team UCI HST Master Trainers

Approx. 11/10/2015 - Approx. 11/12/2015

HST - Hardwired Safety Tools

NICU Tools Trials, Training & Implementation

Approx. 11/16/2015 - Approx. 03/31/2016

NICU Leadership Rounding & Performance Coaching of low performers

Approx. 12/01/2015 - Approx. 08/31/2016

NICU Continuous Implementation Measurements

Approx. 12/01/2015 - Approx. 06/30/2017

NICU Post Implementation Audit Visit conducted by Team UCI Site Assessors

Approx. 03/08/2016 - Approx. 03/09/2016

NICU Recurrent Training conducted by Team UCI Master Trainers

Approx. 10/03/2016 - Approx. 11/18/2016