Waifs and Strays


Buffy Summers called as a slayer

April 1995

Buffy Summers is called in the spring of 1995, a freshman at Hemery High School. She is a vapid cheerleader and wants no part of slaying. A master vampire, Lothos, hits Los Angeles around the same time, attacking students at Hemery High. Buffy's Watcher, Merrick, is murdered by Lothos while trying to protect her. In an epic showdown, Buffy burns down the Hemery High School gym and all the vampires inside it during the Spring Fling. In the shock after the fight, she reveals herself as a slayer to her parents. Her father insists upon her being sent to Overton, a psychiatric hospital. She is only removed after her parents' divorce the same year.

Investigation in the Ozarks

Approx. May 1995

Second Lieutenant William Jefferson ‘Billy Jeff’ Hutchinson is found dead in the Ozarks in Arkansas. Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) are called in -- in this case, Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Suspect is the Most Holy Communion of the Chosen of God, for the Enactment of his Will, by the Instruments that He has Created to Do His Bidding. The Sheriff suspects some 'hotheads' from the Commune may have been the attacker. After talking with the elder at the Commune, they come to the conclusion it could have been the Maclays. That night, Tara Maclay sneaks out to bring evidence to Gibbs. A warrant is served to the Maclay house. Eileen Maclay agrees to testify against her husband and son.

Death of Veronica Holburn

May 1995

In May of 1995, Veronica Holburn is killed and turned. She comes home to her daughter, Kit, who accidentally kills her with a broken spoon. Kit starts living rough in the woods around Sunnydale.

Stranger at the Gate

August 1995

Joyce Summers meets Simon C.H. Meier XV. They're interested in each other. He asks her to call him when she's ready to date again.

Summers move to Sunnydale

Approx. August 1995

Joyce Summers moves her daughters, Buffy and Dawn to Sunnydale. She opens a gallery, Sunnydale Fine Arts Gallery. Dawn and Buffy are enrolled in school. Buffy meets her new watcher, Rupert Giles, and befriends Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris. Willow and Xander's friend, Jesse, is killed and turned into a vampire. Buffy meets Angel, a mysterious guy who says he wants to help her.

A Mother's Love

Approx. October 1995 - Approx. 31 October 1995

Cecilia calls Mary Beckforth to ask for help training Joyce, and to let her know that Pulchritudia Black had possessed Marilyn McGonagall and may have influenced her daughter, Eileen. Eileen and her daughter, Tara, head towards Mary. Tara sneaks out to meet Mary ahead of time. Eileen hurts herself using her Mother Power on the active level, keeping Tara safe. Mary calls Danielle to ask a favor.

Investigation in the Ozarks - Epilogue

Approx. December 1, 1995 - Approx. December 14, 1995

Eileen Beckforth and Tara step into the NCIS office to thank Gibbs. He asks them out to lunch.

Lonely Souls

Lonely Souls

Approx. August 1995

Simon Meier XV returns to Sunnydale originally to spend two weeks with Joyce Summers. During this time, Simon takes Joyce and her youngest daughter, Dawn, into Los Angeles to see a ballet. Joyce and Dawn meet Buffy Chandler, for whom Buffy Summers was named. Later, Joyce learns about the supernatural, that Buffy is the Vampire Slayer. Simon takes Willow Rosenberg, and then Amy Madison, as apprentices. Xander is taken in and fostered by Simon and Joyce. Willow meets a boy online, Malcolm, who turns out to be Moloch the Corrupter. He kidnaps her and is defeated by Buffy, Xander, and Willow -- with help from Giles and Jenny Calendar.


Approx. September 2, 1995 - Approx. October 20, 1995

Willow and Dave begin dating. Willow hacks and finds out that she was born to a set of triplets -- two of which were still born, Rowan and Hazel. Arlene reveals she had a daughter, Evy, which she gave up. Evy was fostered by the Rosses, and her name was changed to Marcie. Arlene stops taking binding potions for her powers, and Evy rejoins the family. Soon after, Evy and Arlene are attacked. Simon brings in several of the world's best hackers, including Willow and Dave, to find out why. They discover Project Marigold, which steals the unborn souls of Spirit Witch babies to use in magical spells. The Summers-Meier family discovers that Moloch had made a copy of Willow in the computer, using Rowan Rosenberg's soul. Mary Beckforth asks for help healing her daughter, Eileen Maclay, nee Beckforth. Plans are made to heal Eileen on Halloween. Simon asks Joyce to marry him. Jenny reveals that she is a seer of the people.

A Warren of Warrens

Approx. Oct 21, 1995 - Approx. October 31 1995

Danielle Moritz and Penelope Halliwell come to Sunnydale check in on Willow Rosenberg. It comes out that Cecilia Ellis is Penelope's sister and that their brother, Gordon Johnson II, had a one night stand with Danielle which resulted in Sheila, Willow's mother. Simon heals Danielle and Penelope and it comes out that Joyce is a mother witch. All Johnson cousins are invited to Sunnydale for a weekend. Penelope's granddaughters -- Prue, Piper, and Phoebe -- come to Sunnydale. As well, Joyce's mother, father, twin sister and her family all come to Sunnydale. We learn that Ceceila was raped by Simon Meier XIV, which resulted in a child -- Clarice. Simon finds Clarice through the Meier Houses, and Clarice comes to Sunnydale to meet her family. Willow is fostered by Joyce and Simon.


Approx. October 30, 1995 - October 31, 1995

Prue, Piper, and Phoebe decide to unlock their magic. The plan is made to go to San Francisco so the children can cleanse their magical pathways. Sunset on Halloween Eileen and Kit are healed in a ritual. All the children go trick or treating together. Simon and Joyce throw a Halloween party at the manor.

Mummies and Thanksgiving

November 1, 1995 - November 30, 1995

The 3 P's set up an exhibit on Incan Mummies at the Sunnydale Museum. Roger Pritchard and Brenda Walsh arrive. Roger 'accidentally' frees Ampata, the mummy from her torture by Machida. Tony Harris and Richard Pritchard are killed that night. Prue and Brenda are blamed for Roger's death. Hannah Harris, rouge demon hunter is met. Tony and Richard rise from the dead, and Jessica Harris is murdered. It comes out that Jessica was once, Jassina of the Kalderash clan. Ampata is put to rest. SG1 arrives in Sunnydale to 'recruit' Arlene Ellis. Charles Winchester arrives to visit Simon and family. Clarice looks into a creep called Ted Buchanon. Buffy is informed about a prophesy that says she will die when she confronts The Master. Buffy begins to have Slayer dreams about a blonde girl in front of the Met. Joyce discovers that Moloch made a copy of Willow to have online. The copy turns out to be the soul piece of Rowan Rosenberg. Kendra Young is taken in by Joyce and Simon. Cordelia is taken from her family due to physical abuse. She joins the Kendall family. Nov. 18th Sunnydale crew take part in a ritual at Halliwell House to cleanse themselves of dark magics from the Hellmouth. Nov. 20 The whitelighter, Leo, introduces himself to the Charmed Ones. He tells them that Allen Halliwell is a rouge whitelighter who converted him. Thanksgiving Harry and Charlotte Penkowski learn that Marigold stole the souls of their five stillborn children. Jenny and Giles travel to England to meet his family.

Winter Solstice and Christmas

December 1, 1995 - December 25, 1995

Joyce Summers discovers that she is pregnant. Michael Kirby makes the change from Cheila to his human form. Kakistos begins to stir. Eileen Beckforth's trial Winter Solstice night Spirit Witches across the States gather to perform a ritual that kills many members of Marigold and sets free the souls of all of the unborn children. 3 P's reconcile with their father The entire Meier-Johnson Family gather to celebrate Christmas at Vlughwater -- the first time it has been opened since 1971. Willow and Xander are legally adopted by Simon and Joyce. They both change their names to Willow Danielle Meier and Alexander Gabriel Meier.

Tucker Wells

December 21, 1995 9:00 pm - December 22, 1995 3:00 am

Tucker Wells is apprehended attacking people with dark magic.

Winter Solstice

December 22, 1995 6:00 pm - December 22, 1995 11:59 pm

Simon Meier XV leads a merge of the Concordat in a spell to release the souls of Spirit Line children that Marigold had stolen. It also punished those responsible. The merge included covens from the entire United States. In Sunnydale, Xander, Willow, Buffy, and Amy are all allowed into the merge. Dawn and Kit impossibly break into the merge at the very end, to bolster Simon and the others. As far away as Maryland, members of the Sunnydale 'coven' could be felt: the merge of the 3 P's, Willow's power, Buffy's Slayer-ness, and Dawn at the end.

Wizarding World

December 27, 1995 - January 3, 1996

Meier's arrive in London. Sam Carter saves Luna Lovegood's life when Luna gets lost in 'Muggle' London. Buffy saves them both. Meier family visits Diagon Alley and is introduced at Hogwarts. It comes out that Severus Snape is Simon Meier XIV's son. Dementors attack Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Kit, and Dawn while on school grounds. Buffy and Evy save Ginny and Dawn. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy save Luna and Kit. Gilderoy Lockhart is captured. Joyce is having twins! One boy, who will be Simon Meier XVI, and a girl, as yet unnamed. It comes out that Marcus Kendall is actually Lucius Malfoy's younger brother. Lucius Malfoy asks Simon to release his family from the soul oath. He and his family take back the Bedell name. The Vicari, Bedell, and Warren lines take back their Wizengamot seats. Xenophilius Lovegood's soul is restored.

Visiting the Wizarding World

December 27, 1995

Simon Meier XV and family come to Hogwarts to meet the Chief of the Wizengamut, Albus Dumbledore. Simon is recognized as House Death, and Severus Snape turns out to be an illegitimate child of Simon Meier XIV.

Bedells of House Death

December 30, 1995

Lucius Malfoy comes to Simon Meier XV and asks for forgiveness for the House for crimes perpetrated against House Death. Simon forgives the Bedells. Lucius Bedell swears the loyalty of his line to House Death once more.


January 26 1996 - February 14 1996

It comes out that Paige Matthews (one of Willow, Xander, and Kit's social workers) is actually a Halliwell. The First Slayer attacks the Meier family in their dreams. Feb 3. Another cleansing ritual at Halliwell manor -- Meiers, Halliwells, and Kendalls. Feb. 6 A young boy dreamwalks while in a coma and the magic of the Hellmouth turns everyone's nightmares into a reality. Dave manages his full Cheila form, but Willow's nightmare turns him into a frog. Angel bites Buffy, who dies and becomes a vampire. Kendra becomes a slayer. Simon XV is possessed by Simon XVI. Discover there is a blood curse set on Meiers and Chases, which was set by "The Darkness" -- an unknown sorcerer. Cordelia's grandfather was Simon XIV's illegitimate son. Buffy's Spirit power awakes -- dreamwalking. The nightmares end, but Kendra is still a slayer. Danielle meets Fred Burkle -- who just caught her boyfriend sleeping with her best friend in her dorm room. Danielle takes Fred home with her. Fred and Danielle decide Fred will become Danielle's live-in companion while she's at school. It comes out that Marigold stole Lucy -- Charlotte and Harry's youngest daughter. Charlotte, Harry, and Celia pick her up. She has the Spirit power of teleportation. Hank Summers and Sara O'Neill have a one night stand in Las Vegas. The Meier family comes to the conclusion that the Dark Sorcerer is probably Richard Wilkins III (and II and I). Simon takes on Jenny as an adult apprentice. Joyce and Simon visit New York for the Valentine's Day Concert. They also hold a press conference and meet with the president.

Devil of Sunnydale Elementary

Satan's Godchild

August 1995

Dawn is bullied at her new school by a girl named Kit Holburn.

Dawn's Rangers

Approx. August 26, 1995 - Approx. September 1995

Dawn reads the Art of War by Sun Tzu. Goes on the offensive. Starts the 'Summers Pact for Mutual Aid' -- Dawn Summers, Janice Penshaw, Carlos Trejo, Joey Brand, and Billy Hadwell. Soon other kids join. These kids walk to school together everyday, so that Kit cannot steal their lunch money.

Turn Around

Oct 1, 1995 - Approx. November 26, 1995

Dawn's Rangers grows to enormous numbers -- nearly half the school joins. With such large numbers, students realize they can fight back and begin to hunt down and beat Kit. A group of ten Pact members waylay Kit outside the school and Kit ran. Did not come to school that day. Dawn goes looking for Kit, to be sure she's alright. Finds her badly beaten at an old junction house. She calls her mother who calls an ambulance. Simon and Joyce decide to foster Kit.