Holiday 2011 Teaser Pages


Original Creative Brief Submitted


Creative Brief for entire project sent to Andrew Daniel, Robert Kennedy, OBU P&P, Stephanie DeNotto, Dan Fanelli, Denise Hefron, Matt Guardiola in two parts -- Part 1: Black Friday, Part 2: Cyber Monday

Contacted Matt G. for a Response


Punched up PJM/Account Management Team on Special Projects call, as no response was given. Emailed Matt Guardiola, as I had not received a response to the 7/28 Creative Brief yet. Email sent to Matt G., Denise Heffron, Dan Fanelli, Marty Lubeck. He indicated that they were in the "intake" process. He indicated he would respond later that day.

Kelly schedules kickoff for 8/15


Kelly is assigned as PJM and schedules the KickOff for Monday, 8/15 at state street. I email and ask for kickoff to be at Hoffman, where the stakeholders are located. Request denied, scheduled as phone mtg for Hoffman stakeholders.

Black Friday KickOff Call


Call to KickOff Black Friday
Note: Only items given to call attendees were Creative Briefs.
Stacey sent collateral material (last year's pages and final data) to attendees during the call.

Kelly reaches out to Marty McHugh


Kelly contacts Marty McHugh as IT primary, Keith Homel as PromoFED primary

Keith throws up Red Flag


Red Flag -- Keith talks to Matt Danforth & Marty McHugh, project is declined by in-house IT team.

Matt G. reaches out for project clarification


Matt Guardiola reaches out to Stacey B. with the following questions:

  1. With respects to the app support requirement, can you outline exactly what changes would be needed?
  2. When would these likely changes happen?
  3. If changes are in a "dynamic" nature, can you best describe what that might entail...i.e... loading a new promo/banner, ad...etc...
  4. The UX team wants to be more clear with the type of after hours support that will be needed.

Cyber Monday split into separate KickOff


Cyber Monday kick off separated out due to the size of the events.

Mtg scheduled for Funding Clarification


Matt Guardiola schedules a meeting with Stacey B, Marty Lubeck, Kelly Gruver, Stephanie DeNotto to discuss funding for OBU holiday initiatives. Marty finalizes issues on separate thread.

Robert Clarifies Roles & Responsibilities


Robert sends email to Matt Thompson, Andrew Daniel, Michael Murray, Michael Amkreutz, Tony Hyun, Cindy Larson, Marty Lubeck, Stacey Bramnik

  1. To close the loop on this one, the following is provided:

*** Stacey Bramnik, Promo Analyst is the SME/business lead for this project (Note: It is the umbrella of DATG/Cyber Monday Deals page). She already submitted this via intake to Tony Hyun's team.

*** Per a separate communication with Tony, the back-end work will be completed by ARS. Ux/Visual Design will be completed by Tony's team.

*** The merchant requirements will be incorporated: however, I want to have Stacey to coordinate with one merchant SPOC (Note: Either Colleen or Michelle V)...not 14 different people.

  1. I personally have three requirements for the project.

*** The page should be able to be updated by the merchants without DAC, Design, and FED involvement. (Note: Think DCP pages or a CMS system).

*** The page should pull in pricing dynamically.

*** The project should launch NLT Nov W1. This will give us 3 weeks in production before Thanksgiving week.

Year-Round DAP added to Project Officially


Robert Kennedy has a discussion with Tony Hyun & Andrew Daniel regarding Holiday & the Vertical-Level DAP pages. Decided to make as one whole project.

Mobile Added to discussion


Stacey Provides list of deliverables


Stacey sends note to Kelly Gruver, CCs Michelle Vacarro, Marty Lubeck, Robert Kennedy

Attached is a handy deck with a succinct list of the deliverables for Holiday and moving forward (the reusable Splashpage for Verticals). This may help guide our discussions as we move forward. Key point: what we build for Black Friday/SATG/CyberMonday should also be reusable for all verticals during holiday and year round. Please let me know if you have any questions.

List for internal team:
1. Reusable Administrative Tool for Price & Item Offer Splashpages See List on Slide 3 of requirements
2. Header with Filter capability for DATG 2 Day Specials (to combine with reusable tool)
Doorbusters for Black Friday, Doorbusters for SATG
3. Header with Filter capability for Cyber Monday (to combine with reusable tool)
4. Mobile feed for Black Friday, SATG, & Cyber Monday
5. “Standard” template for Reusable Admin Tool that can be customized by in-house team for each vertical/holiday/miscellaneous need

Addition of Teaser Pages to Deliverables


Teaser pages are officially added to in-house team deliverables

Email sent to Kelly only
Kelly – Here’s the updated (FINAL) version – we added teaser pages to BF/CM. Since we’ll have placement in the circular, we’ll want something on the page until the deals are actually live. These can be just W3 image maps, or we can discuss strategy (featured items with prices hidden or other solution).

Clarification given to UXAs regarding Holiday vs. Year-Round Templates


Conversation between Kelly, Michelle Bohannon, Tony Hyun, Yanti Arafin, Jason Cauwels, Keith Homel
We also have a creative brief/project request from our merchandising partners (headed by Michelle Vaccarro, HA Merch Manager) for the Reusable admin tool. Since we were already building the tool for BF/SATG/CM, we are choosing to roll it into our project to avoid double work on the same project.

Admin Coding portion Officially outsourced to ARS


Robert Kennedy has conversations with UX/IT leadership, officially splits the project:
Stacey Bramnik to outsource to ARS the building of the Admin Tool & Reusable Pages
Kelly Gruver to coordinate in-house resources for Wireframes, Creative, Teasers

Stacey Bramnik sent the following clarification:
Yesterday, I kicked off the Holiday 2011 Splashpages with ARS and sent them the creative briefs so we are all on the same page. Here’s what I need you to coordinate with the in-house team:

  1. UXA recommendations for filter categories (complete listing) and overall experience updates
  2. Creative Header OR a Style Guide for creation of header at ARS
  3. Teaser Pages for Black Friday & Cyber Monday (static creative)
  4. Do we have an Omniture Tracking expert on the UX side we could consult with?
  5. Standard Header that can be reused & customized for the vertical-specific splashpages

Michelle Bohannon indicated that her team is currently working on the Filter/Experience recommendations, and when they are ready, I will schedule a call for my team, ARS, the UXAs, and you. If you have any questions, please let me know – I’ll be sure to send out regular status updates as we move forward.

Clarificaiton given re: Categories & Filters


Clarification given regarding holiday pages -- Participating Categories and Filter settings

Holiday Deal Page Wireframe Review


Wireframe review for Holiday Deals Pages at state street and dial in.

Stacey meets with Franklin on SEO/Teaser strategy


Stacey meets with Franklin to discuss alternative potential ideas for Teaser pages, gets buy in from marketing leadership, rewrites briefs.

Kelly makes request to review Deals Page Wires with ARS


Kelly reaches out to Stacey to schedule a call with ARS for Holiday Deals Page wireframe review.

Stacey sends ARS SOW to Kelly, Promotions Team for Review/Comparison


SOW from ARS sent to Kelly for review/recommendations, Kelly sends feedback.

Teaser Page initial requirements sent


Stacey sends initial thoughts for teaser pages.

Holiday Deals Page Wireframe Review with ARS


Stacey Asks for Teaser Kick Off Status


Stacey sends email asking if teaser pages have been kicked off. Kelly inidcates that the team would have something for Stacey to review on Friday , 9/30.

Stacey Asks for copy of Project Timeline


Sent by Kelly:
Black Friday Schedule
Technical Alignment: 8/24
Official Kick-Off: 9/15
Final Wires: Jim Williams/Michelle Bohannon- 9/22
Wireframe Sign-off-Stacey Bramnik-9/24
Creative Comps Due-Yanti, Tony-10/7
Creative Sign Off- Stacey Bramnik -10/14
Hand Creative and Wires over to FED team-Kelly Gruver-10/15
FED Development Time: 3 ½ weeks-11/14 in Dev
Go Live: 11/24

Cyber Monday Schedule
Technical Alignment: 8/24
Official Kick-Off: 9/15
Final Wires: Jim Williams/Michelle Bohannon- 9/22
Wireframe Sign-off-Stacey Bramnik-9/24
Creative Comps Due-Yanti, Tony-10/7
Creative Sign Off- Stacey Bramnik -10/14
Hand Creative and Wires over to FED team-Kelly Gruver-10/15
FED Development Time: 3 ½ weeks-11/14 in Dev
Go Live: 11/27

Stacey calls out Teasers not included on Project Timelines


Stacey reaches out to Kelly:
Kelly: This doesn’t look like it includes the teaser pages – When will I have those? I need UX team to talk with Franklin Kuok & myself before we get too far.

Kelly confirms she will set up time:
I will set that up for this afternoon after I look at our calendar.

Stacey asks for update on Teasers


Need an update on the Teaser pages – this is now at Risk with regards to Holiday Readiness.

Kelly indicates Teaser status to be sent today


I will touch base with the team and get them over to you today.

Stacey asks for Status on Teaser pages


Kelly – Where are we on Teaser pages?

  1. You do not have enough information to do creative, so are the wires done, so I can submit the info in the right way?
  2. Do the FEDs know they need to leave time to load this next week?
  3. What stage is this at?

Kelly indicates Teaser wires to be sent today


Kelly to Stacey:
Yes, you can submit the info. I will send over wires this morning.
We are meeting today to review the creative.
I will make sure the FEDs know that they need to load next week. Do you know when or need a meeting with the FED team and ARS?

Stacey To Kelly:
Thank you – Can you clarify? Who is meeting today to go over creative? I’m a little confused, since all we have is wires, which I have not seen yet.

We do not need a meeting with the FEDs & ARS, as this will be loaded as a normal DAP page.

Kelly To Stacey:
I am just meeting with the internal team here (designers and IAs). I will follow up with you today with updated materials.
Thanks for the clarification on the load. Let me know when you know it’s coming.

Kelly reaches out regarding Teaser Items


Confusion between Stacey & Kelly regarding items on the Teasers. Stacey looking for UX wires to know how much data to provide, Kelly looking for product data to determine creative.

Stacey sends data based on Franklin Kuok's vision -- Past Deals to generate interest in Sears as a destination. Stacey asks for Placeholders for the actual 2011 "teased" products as circular items were still not locked down. Deadline for teaser extended for this reason.

Stacey asks for Status of Teaser pages


Stacey asks for any info available.

Stacey asks for Status; Kelly asks for clarification


Stacey asks for Teaser status -- what information is missing or unclear, is a discussion needed. Dan Fanelli and Denise Heffron ask for a formal email as follow up.

Stacey indicates SEO team is relying on the teasers for Holiday SEO strategy, asks for any information available.

Kelly follows up, indicates confusing information
Since this is not a transactional page, there are no wires for this, although Jim Williams, our IA is consulting on the design.
We just reviewed our designs internally and are making some slight changes. One of these involves only featuring the products from last year that we actually have pricing for in the spreadsheet you sent, since these will be hard coded into the page. If you have two additional prices for these from last year, I would be happy to pass them along to the team straight away. Otherwise, we are taking the approach of making sure the customer does not see these as transaction/actionable items.
Let me know if you have those prices, or if the approach of listing the three and telling more of a “story” about them is acceptable. (“Look at the great deals from last year!” sort of thing.)

Stacey asks for help:
I do not have the pricing from last year because not every item I gave you was featured on the black Friday/cyberMonday Splashpage – what I provided were the top sellers by revenue & units regardless of where it was advertised. I am trying to obtain more of the pricing – I am just now getting access to the past print circulars for black Friday. Regardless, we’ll route whatever design has and make modifications and punch up the right people for the data. It’s easier to get answers with a piece of creative in my hand – so I appreciate you sending the first draft as soon as you have it.

Stacey reaches out for Teaser Status


Kelly indicates UX review still happening, asks for additional info:
They are being reviewed at our Design Review internally today, and I will forward them on as soon as they are approved by our team.
Please let me know when you will have additional pricing and information and the additional information we requested after I send you the comps.

Teaser Mock Up Sent


Kelly to stacey: Please note that this design will be changing slightly to make it look more promotional and not like a shoppable grid. (Per Yanti’s direction.)

Stacey to Kelly – is one of these supposed to be Cybermonday? The products are the same on both….

Stacey asks for a phone call to discuss creative and clear up any confusion.

Kelly to Stacey: Recap of phone call
--You are going to be sending over more detailed direction on the products (including the “greyed out” concept).
--I have attached an updated mock with the Cyber Monday header. We can put in the updated products based on your feedback. In addition, we are also working on making the images less shoppable looking, as I indicated in my previous e-mail.
To confirm also, we are meeting internally to review the progress of the overall creative for BF/CM tomorrow, so I will review any feedback that you have with the team then.

Stacey has conversation with Franklin, since original direction not followed, then Stacey sends note to Kelly: I just spoke with Franklin, the SEO manager, and I will have revised direction for the team. I’m working on it now, but I currently do not have an ETA – likely tomorrow A.M. Stacey finally receives access to past circular to obtain accurate past pricing data.

Kelly reaches out to Stacey for Status on new direction


Kelly reaches out, Stacey responds with revised direction

I spoke with Franklin, our SEO contact, and showed him the preliminary pages. We were hoping for something slightly more interesting, so it would generate links from blogs/social/holiday deals pages. I’ve attached sample wires & complete data to go along with the wires. We’re thinking of a creative “brady bunch” grid of top products for each year – tabbed out, so the user can click on each of the last five years and get the grid for that year displayed. Creatively, we’d like the “savings” message laid on top of the image in a splashy way. The text underneath the image would be the item name, and that text should be HTML text. (all header text as well, should be HTML text)

We have 2011 items for CyberMonday locked down, and those are in the CyberMonday tab. Black Friday, unfortunately, is still a moving target, so we’d like to generate some excitement by using grayed out images of possible categories, for example, an image of a TV, but it’s impossible to tell what brand or what size the TV is. As I get products locked down, I can submit those to you.

The idea behind having the “past deals” is to generate a bit of interest for the page – by looking through the past years “top sellers/top deals” customers will make assumptions about this year – and bookmark the page to keep checking back. Of note, the design should follow a simple idea – “would I link to this on my facebook/twitter/or blog?”

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this concept. I’ve attached the wire and product info, and the image assets are located here: S:\Marketing Production design\2011\Sears Holiday 2011\BFCM Teasers

Also, in the Mockups, the team did not put in dates for Black Friday or Cyber Monday – those dates are:
Black Friday: November 25th
Cyber Monday: November 28th

Stacey asks for Status on Teaser pages


Kelly sends initial creative, and sends note from Creative director and indicates that the pages have not been released by Andrew D. Summary: UX team rejects content due to "non-actionable" items.

From our Creative Director:

“Attached is the Cyber Monday teaser page. I pored over the documents, but I’m still not clear of the expectations. The excel docs have products for CM but none for BF. Can’t start BF until we have those products. Also, there are sale prices and save stories, but I’m assuming that we don’t show the prices. I added the SAVE story in, just to make it more intriguing, but not sure if we can put those in.

In the items from last year, only 3 has price and save info. Those are the ones I show. It is pointless to show last year’s “savings” when we can’t show the amount saved.

This is NOT final design, the products images are mostly FPO. However, Stacey should be able to see from this how we’re trying to present the products like content since they are not actionable, and hopefully it will become clear how adding previous years will quadruple the workload.

The other thing I wanted to note is that the page as requested is a somewhat of a dead-end, save for the email sign up. This is typically not an acceptable experience, so I added a promo to the Gifts experience so there is some place that the customer can continue on to.”
We did take into consideration your suggestions in terms of the wires you sent on Friday, but for a landing page, this would require a great deal of work that was not planned for. If we build this page in HTML, we will have a good deal of SEO leverage and accomplish our goal.
I have a 10:00 meeting to head to, but I will be free after that if you want to talk. I also am waiting on Andrew D to bless the creative for the actual pages, so you should be getting those this week too. Let me know how ARS would like to have those assets delivered so we can co-ordinate that this week too.

Stacey asks for clarification because new mocks do not have any offers or data from the clarifications from few conversations. Kelly clarifies that mocks were for layout only. Stacey loops in Franklin to obtain buy-in.

Franklin provides SEO strategy detail


With content miscommunication/disagreements, Franklin steps in to clarify his SEO intentions and visions for the page, providing SEO rankings data and his mission for our rankings with his initial strategy.

Stephanie DeNotto asks for Teaser Status


Stephanie asks for status, and mentions a possible need for a page to point the digital banners to. Cindy & Stephanie ask Kent Henderson for the creative from the in-house team.

Tony reaches out to Marty for Deals Page Wires


Tony reaches out to Marty & Robert for the wires for the ARS Deals Page. Stacey sends, Tony loops in Michelle & Jim, question & answer period.

Kelly provides Status update


Kelly notes that Andrew asked for changes prior to releasing any revisions.

Yanti provides new mock, explains UX thoughts


Yanti provided new mock up for CybMon Teaser, explained why UX changed execution -- Page not "actionable"

Cyber Monday and BF teasers. Here is an update on feedback from Andrew: we are not showing any past deals. Nobody cares about them because they are not actionable. recco:

Cyber Monday teaser page:
We take out the past deals and just show products

Black Friday teaser page:
Lose the past deals, create an engaging experience using the product silhouettes. Question for Stacey – if we don’t touch the doorbusters, can we create a page like Cyber Monday – where we show products, with a link to product detail page? If yes, can you send us the product info?

Stacey Looped in Franklin for assistance, Tony indicated need for a new brainstorming session amongst creative.

Stacey gets buy-in on the new CM mock


Stacey obtains buy-in from teams for the 10/31 yanti mock up for CM teaser.

Stephanie asks for Status


Stephanie reaches back out to Kent, Yanti for teaser status to determine if digital banners can be driven to these pages.

Stacey sends Vertical-specific DAP mock to Creative


ARS mocks up creative filter bar & frame for Vertical-Level pages, Stacey sends to in house team to review, clarification made between design, UXAs, ARS makes adjustments.

Cindy asks for Teaser Status


Cindy follows up on teaser status to possibly support digital banners. If pages are not live, ask is to edit page to include digital banner alignment to improve bounce rate.

Tony reaches out to Social/PR on teaser


Tony sends a note:

Andrew asked that I reach out to Linda in social to discuss integration of the BF teaser with their social sites. Since it’s a pretty unique experience, I think it’s a good call. I sent Linda a note, I’ll let you know when we’re meeting so you can join if you have time.


P.S. I also reached out to Tom Aiello to see if we could get some PR support

Review of BRAND NEW direction


Black Friday teaser review -- completely new direction -- Black Friday 101.
*Note: First time Stacey heard of this concept.

Dave Bazant looped in, Change in direction

11/10/2011 - 11/21/2011

Teaser Pages not live -- Dave Bazant looped in, to see if we can support his need for the digital banners. Back and forth between Tony & Dave to support both Digital banners & Black Friday 101.

Mtg to discuss CybMon Teaser


Cyber Monday teaser on backburner while Black Friday Teaser was being sorted out. Mtg scheduled to align. A lot of confusion -- PJM did not have "final" file -- short on time, so discussion was had regarding strategy given short time frame to load page. FED aligned to image mapped header with text, no product info. Page loaded and propped.