History of DNA

By Karina Bronsink & Katie Taleen


Gregor Mendel

1856 - 1863

He gave the laws of inheritence.
Expiriment: He demonstrated that the inheritence traits in pea plants follow particular patterns.

Walter Sutton


Genes are located on chromosomes.
Expiriment: Observed chromosomes during sperm formation in grasshoppers.

Frederick Griffith


Discovered that DNA was the molecule of inheritence.
Expiriment: He injected pneumonia into mice to prove that DNA was the molecule of inheritence.

Oswald Avery


Discovered that DNA serves as genetic material and transmits heredity.
Experimint: Destroyed Lipids, RNA, Carbohydrates and Protiens of Pneumonia, Transformation still occured. Then, DNA was destroyed, and transformation did not occur, proving that DNA is genetic material.

Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase


These scientists confirmed that DNA was genetic material.
Expiriment: They infected bacteria with bacteriophages, Their DNA enters the host cell but most of the protien doesn't, showing that DNA is the genetic material, not protein.

Rosalind Franklin


Expiriment: Crystallized DNA to make an x-ray pattern. Showed that DNA had a double helix shape.

James Watson and Francis Crick


Discovered the structure of DNA
Expiriment: Used x-ray diffraction data to propose the double helix structure.