Early American (Blank)

5th Grade

Middle East



1394 A.D. - 1460 A.D.

Prince Henry the Navigator was born in 1394
He established a school of navigation and financed voyages to explore
He sent out over 50 expeditions yet accompanied not one
Exploring the west coast of Africa he reached as far as Sierra Leone
His explorations helped:
Create maps of Africa
Spread Christianity
Establish trade routes
and defeat the Muslims
This royal prince of Portugal died in 1460


1478 A.D. - 1834 A.D.

The Spanish Inquisition was one of many
Religious reform or new ideas they didn't want any
Ferdinand and Isabella were the king and queen of Spain
Devout Catholics is what they wanted everyone to remain
The Spanish Inquisition
The Spanish Inquisition
1478 to 1834
The Spanish inquisition was a tool of religious intimidation
For non-Christians it meant death or evacuation
It was used politically by Ferdinand to bring submission to his will
In Spain, the movement that inspired the Reformation was forced to stand still
The Spanish Inquisition
The Spanish Inquisition
1478 to 1834
The Muslims and the Jews were tortured until they would confess
It wasn't until 1834 that there was an end to this mess.


1492 A.D.

Columbus sailed with 88 men in 1492
The Nina, The Pinta, The Santa Maria sailed the ocean blue.
Queen Isabella of Spain said she’d foot the bill,
Columbus believed he was called by God to spread the gospel
He discovered the Bahamas, Cuba, and the Caribbean Islands,
He died still believing that he’d reached the Indies.


1734 A.D. - 1750 A.D.

From the hallowed halls of Oxford | to Georgia's sunny shore
In the middle-eighteenth century | four men came to the fore
Pastor Jonathan Edwards | warned sinners of God's wrath
John and Charles Wesley | walked the Methodist path
The Wesleys and George Whitefield | preached on both sides of the "Pond"
And they brought a Great Awakening; | it was the First that dawned


1756 A.D. - 1763 A.D.

Seven Facts about the Seven Years’ War:
In the 1700s, France, England, and Spain were all expanding territory in North America and India.
In 1754, France expanded into England’s territory in the Ohio Valley. England was not happy.
This touched off the French and Indian War.
Though the British were ill-suited to fighting in North America, Virginian George Washington helped Britain gain the upper hand.
During the war, Prussia and Hanover joined the side of Britain.
Austria, Sweden, Russia, and Spain joined the side of France, but in 1762, Russia pulled out.
This was too much to overcome, and in 1763 the Treaty of Paris ceded most of India and North America to Britain.



North America


1607 A.D. - 1620 A.D.

In sixteen oh seven King James sent John Smith
and three ships to start up Jamestown
Smith formed an alliance with native Powhatan
Here much tobacco was then grown
By way of the Netherlands in sixteen twenty
the Pilgrims land in Massachusetts
From harsh northeast winters the Pilgrims were saved
By Squanto and Bradford’s leadership


1775 A.D. - 1783 A.D.

In seventeen seventy redcoats massacred six in Boston town
In seventy three the Sons of Liberty tossed tea cargo down
In seventy five Revere’s brave ride brought Patriots to their feet
In Lexington and Concord town the wars two sides would meet
In seventy six, the Declaration of Independence was penned,
But seven more years would pass before the war car to an end. In Paris!

South America


1519 A.D. - 1550 A.D.

Conquistador Hernan Cortes
in year fifteen nineteen
defeated all the Aztecs
killed Montezuma, king
Pizzaro in Peru, in fifteen thirty two
conquered all the Incas and took their gold, too
De Soto took the midwest, Coronado took the southwest
and de Leon searched Florida, for the Fountain of Youth