Apries Callos

The Sun Enlarges his heart.




Apries was born in the Summer of 1892 to a Egyptian national by the name of Arani and a Greek national working for the British auxiliary infantry. His father wasn't a mainstay in his life, though showed up from time to time making sure that they were both well taken care of. Apries and his mother were a secret that his father was keeping from his well off family stretched between Greece and England. It wouldn't be until later in his life that Apries would find out that his father had an entirely different family in England that had no idea of his existence.

His early life was stereotypical of those Europeans that called Egypt their home. He was afforded the pleasantries of a modest yet comfortable apartment as well as a Private education. It wasn't perfect but it was home for him and his mother.

Joined Armed Forces

May 1 1910

After graduating from school, Apries joined the military wanting to go in his fathers footsteps. Foolishly he hoped to betterconnect with his father through the military but by that time his father had retired to a desk job in London and it was too late to remake that connection on a permanent basis.

After basic training, Apries was put with an infantry unit that specialized in recon and relations with tribes on the outskirt territories.

In 1914 he and his unit were sent south into Darfur with several other units, both British and Egyptian, in an attempt to curb desent from the sultan who had expressed displeasure in the acts of the Egyptian government in recent excursions.



As these things happen, Apries was a casualty of war. The jeep he was driving flipped after it struck a landmine, killing everyone instantly. As he lay dying, halfway pinned under the debris, he began praying to God to save him from death.

The last thing he remembers of his mortal life was of what later would describe his Sire (as played by Matthew McKittrick) floating down and pulling him from the wreckage. He was embraced that night.

Time in the Homeland

1915 - 1945

Apries awoke in an unknown location, which would later be described as the Gargoyle Homeland (tentatively Mount Olympus in Greece). There were Gargoyles from all over the world visiting. It is here that he met his Grandsire, who took over his education (played by Adam Van). His sire would be absent from his life until more recent nights.

After the first 20 years of living in the homeland, Apries was set to digging tunnels and building statues to guard said tunnels. Not being a flyer, Apries had to get creative in his abililties, and quickly made friends with other Vampires, learning how to conceal himself and move through normal society easier.

He would also join the Camarilla during these days, being influenced by a few particular elders that made a point of being paragons of the Camarilla as to "show up" the Tremere. Not fully understanding what that meant, he was more than eager to assist because it just felt like the right thing to do.

During this time he also became familiar with helicopters and aeroplanes, learning how to fly them quickly. One elder noted (as played by Brax) that it spoke a lot of his character that his lack of wings didn't keep Apries from flying.

Towards the end of his time in the Homeland Apries guarded the tunnels below the mountain, keeping things safe for the younger Gargoyles that would show up from time to time. He also made many journeys into other locations to save Members of the Camarilla that got themselves stuck in bad situations. He quickly became known within the Gargoyle clan as someone who was very good at search and rescue.

Building Tunnels

1925 - 1935

Joined Camarilla


Guarding Mount Olympus

1940 - 1945

Notre-Dame de Paris

1948 - 1973

After 20 more years in the homeland, and several attempted incursions of Sabbat in the local areas, Apries became souly invested in tracking Sabbat Packs in Europe and travelled to France. While in France he used Notre-Dame as his home base, easily blending in with the other gargoyle statues during the day (Dark Statue merit) and at night he would stalk the sabbat.

This time would be secluded for Apries. He reported back to his superiors though kept to himself for the most part, being extremely devoted to his work.

During the Summer of 1972 Apries came back into contact with Darjius again, a Cam loyal Gargoyle Elder that had influenced his decision to join the Camarilla. Darijus convinced him to abandon his work tracking sabbat to be more social within the Camarilla as he had chosen to to.

Looking For Sire

1970 - 1990

Being more visible in the Camarilla had caused Apries to long for a better connection with his sire, who he knew very little about. He spent the next twenty years searching for his sire, which eventually lead him to the united states where most of his family had moved already.

Moves to the US


In search of family, Apries traveled to the United States, looking for his sire and grandsire. After searching for a time, he came across his grandsire in Grand Rapids and settled SouthWest of there in Battle Creek, which he uses as a base of operations. He doesn't spend much time there, but what time he does spend, he does so mostly away from the eyes of most other Camarilla members.

Moved to Michigan




1892 - 1914


1914 - Present

Character Ties

Darjius Anakleto


Met Darjius (played by Brax) in Paris during my time stalking Brood in France. He kindly suggested I become more social in the Camarila and I agreed to leave my task.



1892 - 1914


1913 - 1915


1915 - 1945


1945 - 1975


1975 - 1990


1990 - 2015