The History of DNA (Cole/Eichenauer)


Gregor Mendel

1856 - 1863

Studied the genes of pea plants and discovered inheritance and certian traits. These genetics are now known as Mendelian inheritance. He studied 29,000 pea plants to find this.

Walter Sutton


By looking at grasshopper cells he identified chromosomes as the carriers of genetic material.

Frederick Griffith


Created “Griffith’s Experiment”, which demonstrated bacterial transformation. This is when bacteria changes form and function.

Oswald Avery


Discovered the material and composition of genes and chromosomes.

Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase


Seperated protein coating for the nuclei of bacteriophage. They found that genes were made of nucleic acid and DNA.

Rosalind Franklin


Took x-rays of DNA in order to understand the structure of DNA.

James Watson and Francis Crick


They discovered the double helix or staircase structure of DNA. Won the Nobel Peace Prize in Physiology in 1962.