World Urban History (Prehistory)


Holocene Wet

10000 BCE - 3000 BCE

Agricultural Revolutions

6500 BCE - 3500 BCE


Ceramics in Mali--2nd earliest (Ehret)

9400 BCE

Nilo-Saharan ceramic pottery (Ehret)

9000 BCE

Grain cultivation amongst Niger-Congo people (Ehret)

9000 BCE - 6000 BCE

cattle herding (Ehret)

8500 BCE - 7200 BCE

Sheep in Sudan (Ehret)

7500 BCE

Neighborhoods and substantial homesteads (Ehret)

7200 BCE

Yam and Palm Oil cultivation (Ehret)

6000 BCE

Stone axes (used to clear forest and plant yams/palm oil) and broadlooms (Ehret)

6000 BCE

Cotton and spindlewhools in Khartoum (Ehret)

5000 BCE

Nubian Megaliths predate Egypt (Ehret)

5000 BCE