Muhammad's (PBUH) Timeline


Muhammad's (PBUH) Birth

570 AD

Muhammad (PBUH) was born in this year.

Before Islam

Muhammad's (PBUH) grandfather died

578 AD

Very sad.

Muhammad (PBUH) was married to Khadija.

603 AD

Muhammad (PBUH) got married to a very wealthy widow.

Muhammad (PBUH) went to cave to think and saw angel Gabriel

610 AD

No one believed him that he saw angel Gabriel.

10 years of struggle

622 AD - 632 AD

Muhammad (PBUH) was struggling allot.

After Islam

Islam started

622 AD

Showed he was strong.

Muhammad (PBUH) and small army returned to Mecca

629 AD

Muhammad (PBUH) took over city

630 AD

Showed he was strong.

Muhammad (PBUH) died

632 AD

Very sad moment.