Muhammad's (pbuh) Life


Birth of Muhammad (pbuh)


Little did anyone know or expect this was the birth of a leader of a religion going to be know thousands of years later.

Muhammad's (pbuh) Father Died


Muhammad's (pbuh) Mother Died


Muhammad's (pbuh) Grandfather Died


Muhammad (pbuh) Died


This death probably affected many Islamic people because the leader of their religion had died.

Before Islam


578 - 595

Muhammad (pbuh) worked as a shepherd, camel driver and eventually a Merchant. In Mecca he became a respected and trustworthy Merchant, so he was called "al-Amin", meaning 'the Trustworthy".

Went to Live with Uncle in Mecca


After all these deaths in the family I wonder if Muhammad (pbuh) was emotionally unstable, triggering negative actions in his future.

Muhammad (pbuh) Questioned Common Religion

595 - 635

Muhammad (pbuh) felt restless and did not agree with the religion followed by the majority of Arabs, who believed in many gods. He felt there was only one God and was drawn to the faiths of Christians and Jews.

Muhammad (pbuh) Got Marred to Kadija


Kadija was an older woman, who was a widow and was very wealthy.

Muhammad (pbuh) Went to Mount Hira


He went to the mountain to think and that is where he saw the vision of angel Gabriel speaking a word of God to him. In my opinion if this never happened Muhammad (pbuh) would have never came up with the idea of Islam, so this was a very important event. He felt he was chosen to be the Arab prophet of a true religion. This became one of many messages from God.

After Islam

Muhammad (pbuh) and Followers Left for Medina.


This journey spreads the idea of Islam in Medina.

Muhammad (pbuh) Became a leader in Medina-Built army

622 - 632

In medina he became a both a political and religious leader and took over the city. He also built a strong army for Islam.

The Hegira-Ofiicial First Year of Islam


The Hegira marks the first year of Islam, July 16, 622. Islamic years have a 12 month period, based on the phases of the moon, which is much like ours. A new month starts when the crescent moon is first seen. After ten years of struggling Muhammad (pbuh) and his followers fled to Medina, that migration is known as the Hegira. At first the people of Medina were hostile towards him, they probably felt threatened by his knew idea of religion but soon accepted him as a prophet. Muhammad (pbuh) based his laws on his messages from God he recieved and called his religion Islam, which means "submission" to God.

Muhammad (pbuh) and His Small Army Returned to Mecca


Took Over Mecca- Kaaba was Built.


Something I am not happy about is how Muhammad (pbuh) wanted to be in control, that does not seem peaceful and makes me question him a little. The Kaaba is the holiest place in the Islamic world and is believed to have been built by Abraham and Ishmael, it was originally built as a shrine to one true God. Muslims all over the world face the Kaaba when they pray.

Abu Bakr Became New Leader


Abu Bakr was chosen by Muslim leaders to be the first Caliph or incharge of the Islamic community.

Karaan was Made


The Karaan was a book made by his followers, of Muhammad's (pbuh) thoughts and quotes.