PiP history

to tell the story of PiP - 18 years of work for children and young people...and their health


The first pow wow

November 1997 - november 1997

A meeting of local paediatric service leaders called by Andy Spencer, Angela Hopper (from the then North Staffordshire NHS Hospitals Trust), and Alice Casey and Colin Melville (from the then Mid-Staffordshire Hospitals NHS Trust)

Founder members agree shared purpose, objectives and a work plan

December 1997

A second meeting of the founder members of the Partnership at which PiP's statement of purpose and objectives were defined

Mapping services event

March 1998 - June 1998

mapping services, activity flows between the hospitals

Priority setting workshop - top 6 services to work on defined

June 1998

Formal constitution of Partners in Paediatrics

Approx. February 1999 - February 1999

Eleven provider Trusts signed up to the Partnership's statement of purpose and objectives, the proposed constitution of the Partnership (Steering Group, appointed Chair and Partnership Officers and Advisors), and subscription rates.

Business Planning Event

January 2000

Event to clarify priorities for inclusion in work plan and to secure commitment from members to resource this through subscriptions

Service and Workforce Planning Workshop

September 2000

54 delegates, drawn from across the health service disciplines, took part in a workshop which used a 'gaming' process to review the pattern of service provision across the Partnership area and to ask how it might be managed against the service priorities identified by the Partnership over a 5 year period. Using consultant medical posts as a proxy for services, it asked what if there were a modest increase in services, and what if there was a more significant expansion of services? Where would that resource be most productively placed and why?

Annual Conferences

First PiP Conference

Approx. November 1998 - November 1998

Meeting to report on the case for partnership between paediatric services and to seek a mandate for the programme of collaborative work proposed.

Second PiP Conference

November 1999

Conference attended by provider and commissioner representatives from the Partnership area and beyond.