Positions Within Organisations

Residential Care

11/03/1986 - 06/02/1987

Tabor House is a community-based children’s home for six young people, aged 12 to 18, from the local neighbourhood. Intensive one-on-one work with residents is designed to help boys with abusive family histories.

Social Worker in Child Protection EHB Dublin

06/02/1987 - 11/30/1993

Statutory Child Protection Work. Assess and manage child abuse referrals. Multi-disciplinary and inter-agency teamwork. Court reports. Direct support of children in care. Specific work with children whose parents suffered serious mental illness. Work with parents and their psychiatric care team in the community. Casework with children in care and their families. Social work team development. Group work.
Caseload approximately 20 plus intake processing.

Counselling Supervisor at Kids Help Line

02/02/1995 - 04/30/2002

Counselling Supervisor and Telephone Counsellor on Kids Help Line (Australia-wide). Supervise counsellors and trainee counsellors. Debrief counsellors following difficult calls during shift work. Total staff = approx 90 counsellors. On shift up to 24 counsellors. Supervise and debrief telephone counsellors on Parentline (Queensland-wide).

Quaker Caretaker

07/01/1996 - 12/31/2010

Convenor of Premises Committee. Maintain property and provide welcoming environment for Quakers, guests and groups using premises. Additional projects include publishing brochures and website to attract increased use of rooms for rental by spiritual, community and therapeutic groups. With my partner, Robyn Brady, initiate, secure funds and manage solar electricity panel project. As part of premises committee improve buildings and facilities for users of premises. Personally built additional deck. Maintain guest accommodation. Supervise Community Service Workers. Coordinate with Volunteering Queensland Workers. Assist in maintaining forest (1.3 acres) and in setting up Australian Open Gardens Day on property. Manage bookings for use of premises. Manage income and expenditure and provide quarterly accounts (quicken) to Quakers. Install and maintain computer system and internet used for Caretaker role and for guests and visitors.

Quaker Elder

11/01/2007 - 07/09/2009

Elder on Queensland Quakers Elders and Overseers Committee.
Committee undertakes some responsibility for guiding the wellbeing of Quakers in Queensland generally but more specifically of Quakers in South-east Queensland. Finds ways to support members or attenders in challenging circumstances. Seeks to provide role modelling and practical help for the running of our meetings for worship and for our community.

Pastoral Care

11/03/2008 - 12/03/2010

Pastoral Care Worker at Petrie Terrace State School. Work with primary school children. Primarily providing male role model for boys. Available to staff, parents and children for consultation about life difficulties either in or out of school. Community building projects and projects aimed at enhancing quality of life for certain boys expected to benefit particularly. 1. Active School Travel program in conjunction with Brisbane City Council. 2. Research and work with Principal and Parents and Carers Committee towards establishing major school garden project. 3. Cookery project to facilitate personal and work skills development for boys. Cookery project also provides nutritious meal once per week free to all school pupils. 4. Co-facilitate Year 7 leadership camp.

Private Practice

Part-time private counselling, group work and residential workshops. Specialising in Deep Imagery, an easily-accessible psychotherapeutic process using imagery to effect change at a deep level.

Private Counselling Practice

01/12/1994 - 12/31/2012

Private Counselling and Psychotherapy with adults and children. Focus on both problem-solving and healing of past and present wounds through Deep Imagery. Sensitive approach to healing past trauma such as child abuse. Clients are men, women and children. Self or professional referral.
Facilitate ongoing therapy groups. Facilitate Weekend workshops.
Organise multi-workshop weekends.

Home and Family

Primary Carer for children.



Married Robyn Brady at Quaker Meeting House, Rathgar, Dublin.

Daughter Maeve Born


Primary Carer

12/02/1993 - 04/01/1995

Main carer for my daughter while my partner, Robyn, works full-time.

Daughter Tara Born


Tara was born with Down Syndrome and had major heart surgery at 6 months. However, she has been physically well ever since and lives a rich life with many interests including being a competent dancer and swimmer. She and her mum keep a blog of her adventures in Ballina.
Tara's Blog

Daughter Maeve Death


Maeve dies in accident during overnight cycling trip with Frank.

Making SBS Documentary "After Maeve"

01/30/2004 - 11/30/2005

Robyn and I decide to document on film our family's and Maeve's friends' journeys through the grief of losing Maeve. Jan Cattoni, a film-maker colleague and friend of Robyn video interview us periodically over a year. Big Island Pictures produce the film and broadcast rights go to SBS Australia and Ireland's RTE. Our hope is to offer a film document that will support others suffering grief too, of any type.
SBS After Maeve summary

"After Maeve" Broadcasts

08/01/2006 - 12/01/2006

After Maeve is broadcast in Israel, Belgium, Australia, Ireland and Canada.
Also shows at Documentary film festival "Guth Gafa" in Ireland. Hundreds of emails express appreciation for our making of the film. The emails indicate that it is seen as an ultimately uplifting film despite its sad topic. Many bereaved viewers feel supported in their own grief as we had hoped.

Move to Ballina


Home Reno

01/01/2011 - 02/29/2012

Full time renovating home (convert four flats to three). Relocate walls.


Trinity College Dublin, B. Soc. Studies. Hons.

09/13/1982 - 11/28/1986

Four-year honours degree course at University of Dublin, Trinity College. Incorporates social work training according to the prevailing standards of the Central Council for the Education and Training of Social Workers, London.
Placements include Child Guidance clinic, Community Work and at the Jewish Federation of Hawaii, Honolulu.
Graduated 1986.