Timeline 1, 102


Hiberno-Saxon Art

550 - 750

Hinged Clasp (Craft Art, England, 700-750)
Gospel Book of Durrow, Symbol of St. Matthew (600s)
Book of Kells, Chi Rho Page, 1st Page of St. Matthew's Gospel (700-800)
Lindisfarne Gospels, St. Matthew
Codex Amiatinus

Mozarabic Spain

700 - 1000

Maius, Morgan Beatus, Woman Clothed with the Sun (manuscript)

Carolingian Art (France/Germany)

780 - 900

Palace Chapel of Charlemagne, Aachen
Plan of Monastery of St. Gall, Switzerland
Manuscript Illumination:
St. Matthew, Coronation Gospels
Psalm 23, Utrecht Psalter
Sculpture and Craft:
Bronze Equestrian portrait of Charles the Bald or Charlemagne
Lindau Gospels Cover

Vikings (Scandanavia)

800 - 1100

Oseburg Ship
Stave Church, Borgund, Norway (1125)

Ottonian Art (German)

900 - 1000

Saint Cyriakus, Gernrode, Germany
Bronze Doors, St. Michael's, Hildesheim
Gero Crucifix, Cologne Cathedral
Manuscript Illuminatin:
Hitda Gospels: Hitda and St. WAlpurga


1000 - 1120

Abbey Church of Notre-Dame, Fontenay
Tympanum of Christ in Majesty w/ 24 Elders of the Apocalypse at St. Pierre, Moissac
Tree of Jesse, Commentary of Isaiah, Citeaux
Reliquary of St. Foy
Renier of Huy, baptisimal font
Colbertinus Codex, St. Matthew


1000 - 1144

Pisa Cathedral
Church of San Clemente (int)
Mosaic with Crucifiction, stags, vegetal designs
Sculpture of Adam and Eve, Modena Cathedral


1000 - 1144

Durham Cathedral
Dover Castle
St. Etienne, Normandy
Bayeux Tapestry, Normandy

Romanesque Art (General)

1000 - 1144

Northern Spain Pilgrimage Road

1000 - 1120

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
Christ in Majesty mural, Church of San Climent, Tahull, Spain

Germany/Holy Roman Empire

1000 - 1144

Speyer Cathedral
Hildegard's Vision, The Universe, Bingen