Muhammed's Life (PBUH)

By Krista.



570 - 632

When Muhammed's (pbuh) life began.

Before Islam

Death of Grandfather


The person who raised him died at an age of eight (His father died before he was born, and the mother at a very early age).

Married Khadija

595 - 632

At twenty-five, Muhammed (pbuh) married Khadija, a wealthy widow. They had many children.

Mount Hira's Vision


Muhammed (pbuh) needed some time to think. At Mount Hira, he had a vision of the angel Gabriel. He was forty. Throughout his life, he continued to see visions of God.

After Islam Started


622 - 629

Muhammed (pbuh) gained followers, and went to Medina. After a period of time, they travelled back to Mecca.

Took Over Mecca


He took over Mecca, the same way he ruled Medina. The Kaaba became a spiritual statue for the one God.

Muhammed's (pbuh) Death


Muhammed (pbuh) died in 632. The Muslims then chose Abu Bakr as their leader. Muhammed's (pbuh) words were collected by others, and were then called the Quran (recitations).