Beeswax - design document


Kick-off meeting


Sigma Software and Beeswax teams need to meet together to discuss project details and further plans.

Exploring code base

12/29/2014 - 12/30/2014

Sigma Software team will get the source code set up environment and analyze existing functionality

Technical vision - draft

12/31/2014 - 01/01/2015

Sigma Software team will start to prepare technical overview with the core parts of it: Detailed design, Standards / Developer APIs and Product Integration. Having approved these sections, it will be easier to move forward with other ones.

First review meeting


A meeting to discuss what have been specified so far and get feedback from Beeswax team

Technical vision updated


Sigma Software team will update Technical vision (Detailed design, Standards/Developer APIs and Product Integration) based on comments received from Beeswax team.

Overview and plans - draft

01/05/2015 - 01/06/2015

Sigma Software is going to work on the next portion of the document, which includes Objective, Background, Overview, Project information, Internationalization and localization, Logging Plan, Testing Plan and Launch Plans.

Second review meeting


A meeting to discuss an overview and plans portion of the document

Overview and plans updated


Considerations - draft

01/08/2015 - 01/09/2015

Next portion of the document includes the following parts: Accessibility Considerations and Browser Compatibility, Product Considerations, SLA Requirements, Security Considerations, Privacy Considerations, Spam and Abuse Considerations, Caveats.

Third review meeting


Last review meeting to get feedback on the technical document

Considerations are updated


Last portion of the document is updated based on comments received from Beeswax.

Document is ready