5th hour: Elms/Vining


Shang Dynasty

1700 bc - 1050 bc

Silk Invention

1300 bc

A fine strong fiber made by silkworms.

Zhou Dynasty

1046 bc - 221 bc

Warring States

475 bc - 221 bc

Folding Umbrella Invented

300 bc

Device for protection against rain .

Lodestone Invented

240 bc

Mineral to be used as a magnet.

Qin Dynasty

221 bc - 206 bc

Han Dynasty

206 bc - 220 ad

Shadow Figures Invented

100 bc

A dark figure cast on the ground or surface by body intercepting light.


Lacquer Invented

100 ad

A liquid that dries to form a hard protective coating.

Paper Invention

105 ad

Thin sheets made from pulp wood, used for writing or drawing etc.

Tea Invention

200 ad

A hot drink made by using dried leaves.

Sedan Chair Invented

400 ad

A closed litter for one passenger.

Kite Invention

549 ad

A frame with thin material over it flown in the wind.

Gun Powder Invented

700 ad

Dominoes Invented

700 ad

Any of of several games played with small rectangular blocks.

Playing Cards Invented

700 ad

Rectangular pieces of cardboard with an identical pattern on one side and numbers and suits on the other side.

Porcelain Invented

800 ad

A white translucent ceramic.

Compass Invented

1000 ad

A tool used to tell direction