Settlers vs Indians

Fight for a Continent Unit 3


St. Augustine


Spain founds St. Augustine in present-day Florida. It was the 1st permanent European settlement in North America.

Jamestown - Powhatan


Jamestown founded in present-day Virginia. Land belongs to Powhatan Indians.

Powhatan War - Powhatan

1610 - 1646

The Powhatan War began after English colonists founded Jamestown which was an area controlled by the Powhatan tribe. Indians saw that settlers wanted land. By 1646, settlers had taken most of Powhatan's lands!

Plymouth - Wampanoag


Wampanoag Indian, SQUANTO, teaches Pilgrims to hunt, fish, and grow crops.

Pequot War/Massacre - Pequot


Conflicts between colonists and Pequots were over trade, land and culture. One night, colonist and Indian allies burned a Pequot village killing hundreds of people. Known as Pequot Massacre. Settlers took Pequot lands in New England.

King Philip War - Wampanoag


Wampanoag chief, METACOM, united Indians to fight agains English settlers in New England. He was called KING PHILIP. The Indians lost again and settlers took their land in New England.

Defeat of Chief Logan - Mingo


Mingo Indian leader, Tahgahjute, known as Chief Logan, helped settlers in Ohio but then his family was killed by the settlers. He then led his people, the Mingos, and the his friends, the Shawnees, on attacks against settlers. He was defeated and the Indians were forced to sign over their lands. Chief Logan NEVER signed!

United States becomes a country.


United States wins independence from England.

US signs Treaties with Indians

1786 - 1900

Us begins signing treaties with the Indians. The purpose was to take the land away from the Indians.

Battle of Tippecanoe - Shawnee


Shawnee Chief TECUMSEH brought together Indians to fight against US and get their land back. Indians lost at Battle of Tippecanoe.

Treaty of Doak's Stand - Choctaw


Choctaw give up land in present-day Mississippi. Indians have to move west. Choctaw Chief PUSHmataha.

Indian Removal Act - Cherokee


This law let President Andrew Jackson kick Cherokee and other Indians out of their land and force them to move west to Oklahoma. Trail of Tears.

Trail of Tears - Cherokee


Cherokee indians were forced to move west to Oklahoma from their lands. They had to travel in horrible conditions, including bad weather and disease. Hundreds died. This was know as the Trail of Tears.

Sand Creek Massacre - Cheyenne


Hundreds of Cheyenne Indians are killed in Sand Creek, Colorado by US soldiers after they agreed to return peacefully to their reservation. The US soldiers were led by Major Chivington.

Wounded Knee - Lakota


Hundreds of Lakota Indians are killed after surrendering by US soldiers in Wounded Knee, South Dakota. This is the LAST armed Indian resistance to US.