libera nos a malo


Lucio Angelo Accusatorre

Lucifer is created

4,000,500,000 B.C.

Lucifer Begins to Accuse God

4000000000 BC

After learning of the coming of man and that the angels were to serve them and ultimately bow before the Son of God who was to be a man. Lucifer began to believe he and not God deserved the throne.

Hell is created

4000000000 BC

A place is created for Lucifer and his followers where in the complete absence of God, they plan their revenge.

Lucifer's defeat and expulsion from Paradise

4000000000 BC

Lucifer is defeated by the Son of God who was aided by Michael, he and his followers are brought before the throne of God. They are tried and sentenced to expulsion from Heaven.

Lucifer Begins War in Heaven

4000000000 BC

After openly questioning God, Lucifer is rebuked. He faints repentance but has amassed an army consisting of 1/3th of all the angels of Heaven. He leads them against the forces of Heaven.

Lucifer Learns Of The Coming Of Man

4,000,000,000 B.C.

Lucifer is given a glimpse of the world to come.

A New War against God through Humanity

3,000,750,000 B.C. - 2015 A.D.

Lucifer and his followers decide that because they cannot unseat their creator, that they will take out their anger on his creations in any way that they can. The goal being to destroy them or to turn them from God.

Lucifer's hate becomes plague in Europe

541 A.D. - 750 A.D.

The Byzantine Emperor Justinian I was on the verge of reuniting the Western and Eastern Roman Empires through open war with barbarians in the West. Lucifer and his followers are as whispers on both sides of the conflict. While they feed the fires of war, they introduce a plague that will be a reoccurring problem in the region for many centuries.

Lucifer becomes Lucio


Lucifer becomes Lucio Angelo Accusatorre, a silver tongued merchant from Italy. He distributes wealth throughout Italy, creating employment opportunities, and becomes a very popular businessman.

Lucifer's subjects spread falsehoods throughout.


Demons whisper in the ears of those in power, corrupting and misleading them and their followers into misery, all according to Lucifer's design.

Lucifer brings death to Daiyu Meiling Liu's mother


Daiyu is promised a better life filled with love, in return, Lucifer kills her mother with plague, but spares her. He begins shaping her fate and including her in his designs.

Lucifer delivers Daiyu from her Aunt


He purchases Daiyu from her Aunt and nurses her to health, "because he is such a nice guy." Meifen Liu dies of plague while counting her new gold.

Lucifer bewitches Daiyu feuling her jealousy and anger.


Lucifer and his servants bombard Daiyu with negative thoughts and violent dreams until she breaks and their savagery through her is evident in the overall violence of her crime.

Giovanni Paolo Rossi

Maria Antolini begins a relationship with Mario Rossi

Approx. 04/12/1312 - 06/26/1313

Giovanni Rossi's parents meet. Unfortunately, she would later find that she was the other woman in an affair with Mario Rossi. Upon finding out that she is pregnant, Mario returns to his wife Carmella. Maria Antolini is disowned by her family and forced to live on the streets of Rome.

Giovanni's Childhood Abuse

Mar 17, 1314 - 05/08/1319

Giovanni Rossi is beaten regularly by his mother for minor infractions. He is referred by her as a burden and begins his life in the absence of love.

Giovanni Paola Rossi is Born


Giovanni Paolo Rossi is born homeless Maria Rossi as Felice Mario Rossi

De Luca and Rossi Travel to Rome

May 9, 1319

Father Armand Angelo De Luca travels with Giovanni to Rome. During the 10 day journey, young Giovanni is introduced to Christianity.

Abandonement on the road to Naples

May 9, 1319

Young Giovanni is abandoned by his mother while traveling to Naples. Refuses to leave the road where he lost her for three days without food or water. He is befriended by a priest named Armand Angelo De Luca.

A monastic upbringing

Jun 10, 1319 - 05/19/1331

Giovanni Paolo Rossi is raised by Benedictine monks at San Giovanni Laterano Cathedral of Rome.

Given shelter by Benidictine Monastary at San Giovanni Laterano Cathedral of Rome


De Luca takes up post as Monseigneur at San Giovanni Laterano Cathedral of Rome, and Giovanni Rossi begins his new life as an orphan in the custody of the Benedictine Monks within the San Giovanni Laterano Cathedral of Rome.

The path to priesthood

May 20, 1331 - 1342

Giovanni Paolo Rossi, when the time comes, decides not to take the monastic vows of the Benedictine Order, he instead begins his instruction as a priest under the tutelage of Monseigneur Armand Angelo De Luca and is Ordained at the age of 28.

In Rome

1343 - 1345

Economic decline and long periods of famine increase poverty and starvation creating high demand for the priests and monastic orders of Roman Catholic Church for conducting masses, colleting alms for the poor, and carrying out the last rites of the diseased.



Giovanni Paolo Rossi is asked to assist Bishop Armand Angelo De Luca in performing an exorcism on a young girl at the monastery at San Giovanni Laterano Cathedral of Rome. During the rite, Baal-zebub bragged openly of the flies and pestilence to come, before being cast out of the child. Giovanni demon called himself Moloch and eventually entered into Giovanni only to be cast out by Bishop Armand Angelo De Luca. This would be the first of many other exorcisms Giovanni Paolo Rossi would perform leading up to October of 1347. Isabella Ricci and her brother Michelangelo are present.

Giovanni meets Moloch

October 9, 1347 A.D.

Fights and falls unconscious. They meet in a dream state, Moloch tells him of the death to come and tries to kill a child, but is beaten by Giovanni, who becomes possessed by Moloch himself.

Giovanni is disturbed after cleaning up after night vigil.

October 9, 1347 A.D.


Isabella Carmella Ricci

Isabela Carmella Ricci is born


Isabella Carmella Ricci is born to Isabella Carmella Ricci and Michelangelo Alessandro Ricci

The Family Business

Dec 5, 1337 - 1347

Isabella Carmella Ricci works as an apprentice midwife with her mother whilst also helping her apothecary father in the mixing of various concoctions.

Isabella's older sister dies of pneumonia


Isabella Carmella Ricci's older sister dies of pneumonia. Isabella is then taken as an apprentice to her mother as a midwife.

Economic decline and famine in Italy

1339 A.D. - 1347 A.D.

Italy experiences famine and economic decline of devastating effect, and although the Ricci family was effected, Isabella's parents and were far better off than others within Rome due to the steady demand for their services. Starvations was widespread, and proved fatal to those less fortunate. War was brewing in France and trade with that region had slowed, increasing the effects of the famine on the Italian peninsula. At this time Isabella and her mother found themselves nursing the sick, who's condition became worse by the lack of nutrition, and for a time their home became somewhat of a hospice as they made comfortable those who were about to die

First child delivery and the nightmares that follow.


Isabella assisted her mother with the delivery of a child for the first time when she was 9 years old. During the delivery, there were complications and unfortunately both the mother and the child died by no fault of Isabella or her mother, but regardless the event was also the Isabella's first time witnessing death.

Isabella begins courting Benedetto Giovanni Romano

09/13/1345 - 1351

, Isabella is encouraged by her father to begin courting an Italian merchant by the name of Benedetto Giovanni Romano who was 24 years old and worked for a wealthy merchant company owned by a man known as Lucio Angelo Accusatorre. After courting for nearly a year, her hand was promised to Benedetto by her father.



Isabella and her mother are treating animal attack wounds received by a small girl who is a ward of the monastery. The child begins acting irrationally and it is brought to the attention of priests of the Church, Isabella and her brother are forced to fell to Giovanni Rossi, who performed an exorcist only to be possessed, but was saved by another exorcist performed by Armand Angelo De Luca and Giovanni Paolo Rossi.

Benedetto leaves for the east in the company of Lucio Angelo Accusatorre


Benedetto and Isabella postpone their marriage until his return from merchant work in the east. They are to be married in April in 1348.

Daiyu Meiling Liu

Should have been a boy.

Nov 11, 1323 - 1329

Daiyu Meiling Liu's father was extremely disappointed in her being a girl, he was an old soldier and only had interest in an heir. He avoided his daughter every chance he got looking at her as more of a mistake, he was not unkind to her but unloving. To her she was little more than another responsibility.

Daiyu Meiling Liu is Born

Approx. 11/11/1323

Daiyu Meiling Liu is born to Bing Da Liu and her mother Ah Lam Han.

Civil War in Yuan Dynasty

1328 - 1331

Daiyu Meiling Liu's father his called away to war on behalf of Mongolian Empire. She and her mother are left alone

Lonliness befriends the Morning Star


The young Daiyu begins experiencing visions and is haunted by nightmares of a war in heaven. She begins speaking to Lucifer, calling him the Morning Star.

Bing Liu returns home.


Bing Liu returns home from war to find his daughter playing a morin khuur whilst singing in sadness. Never before did he even notice her unless out of disdain. When he questioned her as to how she learned such skill, she answered that she had been blessed by the morning star. When her father asked why she would express such sadness in her music, she replied that sang with such sadness because of the price that she had to pay for her father's love. Her father soon found that her mother lay dead in the next room. She had died of plague.

Bing Liu begins anew with Daiyu

08/06/1331 - 6/13/1338

took his daughter and his concerns before his commanding officer. It would seem that throughout the region people were dying of similar symptoms as those of Daiyu's mother. Having no one to protect his daughter in his absence, her father made to take her to his distant family in capital of Karakorum.

Plague takes Bing Liu and Daiyu is forced to live with her Aunt.


Bing Liu is again called up to war, but this time against a plague that will take is life. Meanwhile Daiyu is forced to live with her Aunt Meifen Liu in the Mongolian capital of Karakorum.


8/14/1338 - 9/30/1338

One night while she played and sang aunt came in and broke her morin khuur then cut her face. She was then chained like an animal to a wooden post within the home away from prying eyes. This was how she learned of the death of her father by plague. Several times a day she was beaten and for several weeks this continued until again the Morning Star came to her, only this time it was in the form of an Italian merchant named Lucio Angelo Accusatorre, who purchased Daiyu from her aunt at the age of 15.

A new life

12/25/1338 - 09/25/1344

The merchant brought her to the court of the Mongolian Emperor Togho Temur, who was so struck by her beauty that he took her for himself. She was to be his wife, and at request of the court tutor, Lucio Angelo Accusatorre, was taken by him as an apprentice to better prepare her for her role as a wife to the emperor. This included training in Western history and languages among other things.

Jealousy and exhile


Daiyu becomes jealous of the many other wives of the Emperor, it begins to consume her until on one such night, she nearly kills another of the Emperors wives. Due to the level of barbarism and cruelty with which her transgression was committed, she was to be put to death. But at the request of Lucio Angel Accusatore, she was given to him to be taken into exile.

Lucio convinces the Mongol Emperor to spare Daiyu.


One of Many Wives


Daiyu becomes one of the many wives of the Mongolian Emperor Togho Temur.

Lucio's mistress


Knowing that Accusatore saved her life, she pledged herself to him as servant. She comes to know some truth of his power, but feels indebted to him. She is viewed by all around as nothing more than his exotic mistress.

Daiyu falls in love with Lucifer.

1346 A.D.

During her banishment, Lucio becomes her only companion and she becomes seduced by his perfection. He showers her with knowledge and gifts and eventually she comes to love him, before finding how terrible he truly is. She knows of his power, but is bound to him loving him.


Moloch is created

4000500000 BC

He was born and assigned to the Grigori, otherwise known as the "Watchers."

Moloch becomes enchanted by Lucifer.

4000000000 BC

He was terrified of the changes to come in heaven. Lucifer told him that they were expected to bow before man, he and a third of the angels followed Lucifer against god.

Moloch learns of the coming of man.

4000000000 BC

Moloch learns of the coming of man from Lucifer.

Moloch is herald to the followers of Lucifer

3,000,750,000 B.C. - 2015 A.D

The herald of the Son of Dawn. He has been at the forefront of every major conflict between the forces of Heaven and Hell.

Moloch tempts the Israelites and leades them astray from YHWH

2000 B.C - 422 B.C

He took on the appearance of a terrible god to the Philistines and other Semitic peoples of the Holy Land. He emphasizes a need for child sacrifice to him. Eventually Solomon's Temple was destroyed and Moloch vanished to cause mischief in other ways.

Moloch Drives Judas Iscariot to suicide.

32 A.D

Lucifer agrees to cooperate with the forces of Heaven, sends Moloch to harass Judas, who in the end commits suicide.

Moloch is sent as messenger to Rome

1340 A.D - October 8, 1347 A.D.

He has been given leave to prepare the way for the coming of the plague. This involves oppressing and possessing all that he can, but old habits die hard and he specifically enjoys destroying the innocence of children.

Moloch is very possessive.

October 6, 1347 A.D - October 9, 1347 A.D.

On one evening he attacked a small child within the monastery of San Giovanni in Laterano Basilica in Rome, Italy. As the small girl, he became rabid and attacked the monks, specifically Brother Thomas. Afterwards he was confronted by Giovanni Paolo Rossi and pulled from the girl only to possess Rossi. Eventually he was cast out by Bishop Armand Angelo De Luca and returned to his master with the news. Leaving to recoup in hell.