4th hour Ebeling


Shang Dynasty

1700 B.C. - 1050 B.C.

Zhou Dynasty

1046 B.C. - 221 B.C.

Warring States

475 B.C. - 221 B.C.

Qin Dyansty

221 B.C. - 206 B.C.

Han Dynasty

205 B.C. - 220 A.D.



1600 B.C.

They are importantant because they are a part of their culture.

water clock

1500 B.C.

This is a major step for them, because this shows that they have a sense of time in their lives.

The Decimal System

1300 B.C.

The chinese empire is a major in mathamatics. This is one of their major steps into developing into an advanced civilizaton.


1300 B.C.

Silk is expensive, in the old dynastys wearing silk shows that you are wealthy.


1220 B.C.

The wheelbarrel allowed jobs that require labor to be done quicker and easier.

chinese fan

1100 B.C.

It was a cultural gift, anyone with one back during the dynastys showed that their family was weathly.

horse collar

400 B.C.

The horse collar was a way to use horses as a labor force, because of it the farmers could have horses plow fields or pull carts.

cast iron

400 B.C.

Being able to cast iron allows a civilization to do many things that they couldnt do before,make better tools,metal armor, and cooking utensils.

The Kite

400 B.C.

The kite was often used for celebrations, but it was also use for entertainment

chinese compass

221 B.C.

Allowed the explorers to go further than they ever had before and not get lost.

The Great Wall of China

221 B.C.

One of the World Wonders, it was built to prevent attacks from their neighbors. it took along time to build ,but not like the myth says you cannot see it from the moon!


140 B.C.

When paper was invented it made writing easier, they didnt have to carry stone tablets and they didnt need to let it bake after writing.

chinese abacus


The chinese abacus was a way to help them counting each row represented a numer on diget greater than the previous.


200 A.D.

Tea was a luxury drink having tea showed that your family is wealthy.


850 A.D.

The chinese used gunpowder to make fireworks and also to make the worlds firsts rockets.