2nd Period Renstrom/Powell



2000 BC

Silk was a very rare material and was used for high trade, and is still used today for many things.

Shang Dynasty

1600 BC - 1046 BC

Zhou Dynasty

1046 BC - 256 BC


500 BC

Magnets are used in a wide variety of things today, and are the reason for many scientific discoveries.


500 BC

Kites are used today and a fun toy to play with when it is windy out.

Warring States

475 BC - 221 BC

Qin Dynasty

221 BC - 207 BC

Great Wall of China

221 BC

The Great Wall of China was a great accomplishment because it was a very helpful weapon against invaders.

Han Dynasty

206 BC - 220 AD


100 AD

The abacus was very important because it was the first real way to make calculations.


105 AD

Paper was extremely important because we use it in everyday life. Without it, we wouldn't have such an easy time writing.


200 AD

Tea is used all over the world, and in some places it is drank as a symbol of elegance.


200 AD

Gunpowder was important because it became revolutionary for weapons.

Steel Smelting

400 AD

Steel was also revolutionary as it is found in a numerous amount of things found in everyday life.

Printing Press

593 AD

The printing press was significant because without it, we would not have printed books, newspapers, or anything that isn't handwritten.


600 AD

Porcelain is used in many things found today such as sculptures, dolls and fancy dishes. Which is why fancy dishes are often referred to as "China".

Mechanical Clock

725 AD

Without the mechanical clock, we would still be using sundials to tell the time.

Spinning Wheel

1035 AD

Without the spinning wheel, we would not be able to make the fabrics that we have today.


1120 AD

Dominoes became a fun game that has many different versions, and also let to the saying "the dominoe effect".

Paper Money

8000 AD

This paper money paved the way for not only the US, but all over the world to have a way to show wealth and a way to pay people for something.