2nd Period: Turner/Mliner


Shang Dynasty

1600 BC - 1046 BC


1300 BC

Gunpowder was used for entertainment in fireworks untill the europeans got it and turned it into a weapon.

silk was invented

1300 BC

Silk was used for clothing, pillow sheets, dresses shirts and paintings. It was created by Shang Dynasty, it was only used by the wealthy people of the land.

Zhou Dynasty

1046 BC - 256 BC


1000 BC

The compass was and is still used for navigation. The Chinese used it to find there way around the country and without it the world as we know it would not exsist.

Warring States

476 BC - 221 BC

Folding Umbrella

350 BC

The folding umbrella is still used today all over the world. it was a major achivement because it could be stored away and taken out on rainy days.

Qin Dynasty

221 BC - 207 BC

Han Dynasty

206 BC - 220 AD


105 AD

Paper is used all over the world today even though it was invented thousands of years ago. The Han Dynasty founded paper because they needed it to keep records


200 AD

Tea was invented for a flavored drink and it used all over the world today.


549 AD

Kites were used in ancient times for entertainment as well as most inventions. The Han Dynasty is responsibile for most of the inventions the ancient chinese made.


700 AD

Dominos were most likely used as the game we use it for today. the Chinese used a lot of there inventions for entertainment

Playing Cards

700 AD

The Han Dynasty created Playing cards for entertainment and they used them to play different games they invented.


1000 AD

Zinc was in coins in the ancient world. They used them for currency