2nd Period Lohr/Weber



1709 B.C.

Porcelain was used and is used in pots and toilets.

Shang Dynasty

1600 B.C. - 1046 B.C.


1300 B.C.

We use silk in some clothes and the chinese still use this today.

Zhou Dynasty

1045 B.C. - 256 B.C.


1024 B.C.

Bell's were used and still used today in clocks and churches.

Warring States Period

475 B.C. - 221 B.C.

Qin Dynasty

221 B.C. - 206 B.C.

Han Dynasty

206 B.C. - 220 A.D.

Hot Air Balloon

200 B.C.

We use these for recreational flying, and they were used in the past for travel.


100 B.C.

We use paper daily in every aspect of our lives.


100 A.D.

We still use rudders today to steer boats and steer airplanes.

Practical Umbrella

386 A.D.

We still use umbrella's today when it rains out to keep us dry.


850 A.D.

Gun powder is used in fireworks, guns and other useful machines.


1443 A.D.

Abacus was used to large and complicated calculations in ancient times.

Printing Press

1450 A.D.

We use printing presses to make newspapers and magazines and books although we advanced the technology very far.