2nd period Schutta/Schaub

China timeline


Iron Plow

3,500 BC

A major breakthrough in farming. Agriculture became much more effective.


3,400 BC

Used in celebration and religion.

Wood Square Coffin

3,000 BC

Seperated bodies from general public and protected them from nature.

Dagger Axe

2,500 BC

Usefull in warfare and lumber industry.


2,200 BC

Used still today for eating use.


2,000 BC

Used for early warning systems and current day celebration or religious use.

Shang Dynasty

1766 BC - 1122 BC

Zhou Dynasty

1046 BC - 256 BC


1044 BC

Brought fourth the inventions of modern weaponary, fireworks, explosives, guns.

Warring States

475 BC - 221 BC

Qin Dynasty

221 BC - 207 BC

Han Dynasty

206 BC - 220 AD


110 BC

Its used in everyday life. Most all written documents are on paper.


2 AD

Helps with finding direction. Giant leap forward for all mapmaking.


660 AD

Something we use in modern day. Used for printing most documents today such as newspaper.