French Revolution

before french revolution

seven year war

1763 - 1770

befor the french revalution

Louis XVI becomes king

1774 - 1793

executed by the radical refomers same with his wife later
tryed by his country

American Declaration of Independence

1776 - 1783

the usa win over Britain usa be comes a country

during french revolution

October Days


There was a food crisis effecting women and children. In October a few hundred women marched to Versaille to meet the king, 50 km. Lafayette and the National Guard followed them. The king and queen agreed to go back to Paris.

Feudal Priveleges Abolished


August 4, 1789. National Assembly met in Versailles and abolished all feudal rights and privileges and ended Serfdom. It declared all people equal before the law.

Tennis Court Oath


A pledge that the delagates, led by Count Mirabeau, would form a new form of government called the National Assembly, and they pledged they would keep meeting until they succeeded.

the eastates general summoned

1789 - 1795

Fall of the Bastille


July 14, 1789. The people were rioting over the high price of bread. The mob attacked prisons to free political prisoners. The troops sent by King Louis betrayed him and joined the mob, and the 7 prisoners in the Bastille were released.

Civil Constitution of the Clergy


The government seized control of the Church and its property. Certificates of money called Assignats were issued to be redeemed when Church lands were sold.

Flight to Varennes


The King and Queen tried to escape with their children to try to restore the monarchy by getting money from their friends the aristocrats in different countries. This was thwarted by Jean-Baptiste Drouet because he recognized the King. They were imprisoned.

Convention Meets


October 1792. The Convention decided that the King should be tried for his crimes against the country and executed.

Monarchy Overthrown


August 1792. The King was forced to accept the new constitution of France. The Convention decided he should be tried and executed for his crimes. They were removed from the Royal Palace. Louis and Marie Antoinette were both guillotined.

Marie Antoinette Executed


October 1793. Marie Antoinette is Guillotined in October.

Louis XVI Executed


January 21 1793. Citizen Louis Capet is executed by the guillotine.

Reign of Terror Begins

1793 - 1794

September 1793. All enemies of the revolution and the Girondists were arrested and imprisoned. Many were arrested and guillotined. (37,000 people guillotined over one year by a guillotine)

Fall of Robespierre thermidor period begins


prepared to bring the king to trial and execution, out to kill eny one how had sympathy for the old system, made patriotic speeches , eventualy he became king and condemned the poeple and was condemned him self, and after trying to shoot him self he was captured and guillotined with his friends.

Directory meets


The rule of Robespierre was replaced with the Directory,witch was controled by the middel class and gave most of the power to the poeple how had property.

after french revolution