Zoha`s Interesting Life


I Came To This World


I was born in Providence, Rhode Island. I was the 19 baby born in Rhode Island. When I was born I was seven pounds. The hospital I was born in was Women And Infants.

My First Steps


When I was a baby, I had learned how to walk very quickly. The first step I took though I fell, and I started crying, but then I took a proper step after.

What A Fast Talker


I learned how to talk very quickly. I was the quickest child to learn how to talk in our family. My first word was ma, which meant mama.

Potty Trained


I had stopped wearing a diaper because guess what... I was potty trained! This is a great accomplishment because I was the first one in my family to be potty trained.



This was my first time in Pakistan. I remember I had a very good time in Pakistan, I think.



Yay! I had started preschool. When I was in preschool, Rachel was also in my preschool. In preschool I was the shyest person their. My preschool was called Sing A Rainbow.

Hole In My Head


On my second trip to Pakistan I had gotten a hole in my head. My cousin was chasing me, and so I slipped on wires, and landed on the corner of a bed. This is how I got a hole in my head.



My worst nightmare is the day I had started kindergarten. When I was in kindergarten my teacher was Mrs. Melnechenko, but since she was having a baby, I had Mrs. Furry. Mrs. Furry did not like me at all.

My Fall


This is when I fell of the diving board. It was I was taking lessons. I was hospitalized for two months. It was the best time of my life because of all the things I got.



This is when my family, and I went to many places in the U.S.A. We went to New York City, Rhode Island, Ocean County, and New Jersey.

My First Bird


This is when I got my first bird. I have now ended up being a bird lover. The birds that I got were Budgies.

Pakistan Again


This is when I went to Pakistan again after 5 years. I had so much fun. I had 41 first cousins their, and I had a great time their.