The Life Of Rachel


I was born


I was born at the General Hospital at 4:55 p.m and weighed 6 pounds and 12 ounces. My mom didn't feel well when I came out so my dad had to hold me in his arms for an hour.

I learned to talk


My first word was Za which was supposed to be my brother's name, Zack.

I was potty trained


After watching a diaper commercial, I was inspired to learn how to use the bathroom.

I got a case of pneumonia


It was a very bad case of pneumonia so I had to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks.

I started Preschool


I went to Sing A Rainbow Preschool with my friend Zoha. I also went with my friends Elenna and Sasha.

I started taking a dance class

November, 2004

The class that I took was on a Saturday morning. The class was Rhythm and Movement so all we did was play games and move around all silly. It was really fun.

I lost my first tooth


The tooth that I lost was one of my bottom teeth. I didn't know that it came out when it did. It fell on the floor so I picked it up and asked a kid if it was theirs and they told me it was mine.

I started Kindergarten

September 2005

I went to school with my best friend for our first day of Kindergarten. I couldn't tell if my mom was happy or sad.

I started taking piano lessons

September 2006

I started piano lessons with my favorite music teacher, Denika. I was hooked because I thought I was awesome at it.

My grandpa passed away


My grandpa from my dad's side of the family passed away at 11:00p.m. I was very sad and I still miss him.

I had my first dance exam


I had my first dance exam was from the program called R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) My examiner was Ms.Rose.