Hannah Who Am I?


My Birth


I was born at the General Hospital in Regina at 12:31 pm. I was crying all the time. I am my parents first child. I weighed 5 pounds and 12 ounces and I was 18 inches tall. My parents always had to rock me when I was a baby.

Alex Was Born


My brother Alex was born. He was very quiet compared to me. He is my one and only sibling. He was also born in Regina.

I Broke My Arm


I wasn't listening to my mom when I was standing on the chair and the chair fell. I was very upset that I broke my arm and I hated not having all that fun. I broke my right arm when this happened and my cast was purple.

I Went To My First Horse Show

August 2005

I was taken to my first horse show with my auntie and my mom. It was held by the Arabian Horse Association. The competition was held in Regina at the Brandt Center.

My Cat Died

July 2006

My cat Mandy died when I just ended kindergarten. I just came home from our trip to see my Granny and Grandpa. It was a very sad day for me and my family.

I Lost My First Tooth


I was in Waskesiu when Iost my first tooth. It was a very exciting day for me. I also got $5.00. Two hours later my best friend pulled on of her teeth out too. We were called the toothless wonders.

I Went To Disney Land For The First Time

March 2007

I went to Disney for the first time. This would not be my only time there because I went there the next year.

I Went To Jamaica For The First Time

February 2008

I went to Jamaica for the first time. It was very hot and humid there. We went to the resort called Beaches Negril. This would be the first out of the three times in a row that we went there. In Negril I rode a horse and swam with dolphins. It was so fun!!!!

I Won First In A Team Form For Martial Arts


I did a team form with weapons and we did our form to the song eye of the tiger. We were the only girls and the youngest team there. This took place in Melville. I was a orange belt at the time.

My Cousin From Germany Came To Visit

April 2011

My cousin named Martin came down from Germany to visit the family in Canada. We had a lot of fun over the Easter Holiday. I learned a few thing about my Grandpas side of the family in Germany. I learned that Martins family owns a winery.

I Rode My Champion Horse

August 2011

I rode my champion horse this summer at the Royal Red. Sadly it was moved to Brandon because of financial problems. The horse I rode comes all the way from Lehi, Utah. He is a black and white arabian pinto. He was a born champion with a big heart. I think I am his biggest fan!! His birthday is on March 15, and it happens to be my birthday too. The funny thing is that his owner’s birthday is March 15 as well. His lucky colour is pink and he hates trucks and trains. This is a real picture of them!

I Am In Mrs. Porritt's Class


I started school on August 30 2011. I am in Mrs. Porritt's class and I love it!!! I am in a grade 6/7 split at W.S. Hawrylak School. I am having so much fun!!!

I Started To Play The Clairenet


I started to play the clairenet and I go to Long and Mcquade for my lessons every Monday. My teacher`s name is Carter.