Drag & Drop Timeline_v3


Drag & Drop on Objects - Phase 1

Approx. 02/13/2015

Phase 1 should include the ability to Drag & Drop one or more files onto a record detail page.
- View, Edit, Search, etc. req. are still required for the object level.
- *All Objects in the BRD are requested.
- ASSUMPTION: Notes & Attachments will remain (TBD if we will restrict new); no data migration. This is pending confirmation

Phase 1 : Deploy to End Users

Approx. 02/16/2015

Need to confirm if we will pilot a small set of users or go live with the limited functionality for all users.

Gather User Feedback

Approx. 02/17/2015 - Approx. 04/17/2015

Solicit Feedback and Manage Defects from phase 1. Any enhancements should be considered for the next available release.

Drag & Drop on Objects - Phase 2 Based on Feedback

Approx. 04/17/2015

Phase 2: Deploy to End Users

Approx. 04/20/2015

Gather User Feedback

Approx. 04/21/2015 - Approx. 06/19/2015

Tagging of Files

Approx. 06/12/2015

Phase should include some functionality to allow users to tag/flag files with keyword or categories. This may dependent on the solution used to store the files.

Drag & Drop in General Location

Approx. 06/12/2015

Phase 2 should extend drag & drop functionality to a general location where users will have team folders. Sharing/Visibility, View, Edit, Search, etc. req. are still required.

File Folders

Approx. 06/12/2015

Next phase of Drag & Drop should introduce File Folders (Goal is to be inline with SFDC Product Road map).

*Note: If scope is manageable, General File Drag & Drop would be requested; consideration of when chatter is enabled is needed.

Phase 3 - Deploy to End Users

Approx. 06/22/2015

Data Migration

Approx. 08/07/2015

*This should align with SFDC Road map to migrate Notes & Attachments to the standardized Content solution.