Hari Ashoka

Amara Havana Invictus



December 27 1334

Hari Ashoka was born in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India to a Prince of the Vijayanagara Empire. His father was a fierce warrior that conquered his way to royalty. His mother died while giving birth to Hari.

Murder of father

December 1, 1349

After a string of deaths resulting in a secret marriage between his older brother and an Untouchable, Hari's father commits suicide in the hopes that it will cleanse their bloodline. Regardless of the steps taken, Hari's brother refuses to disown his wife. Hari kills his brother in a fit of rage in an attempt to end this once and for all. It doesn't work and instead of giving Hari an honorable death as nobility, he is sold into slavery.

Met Sire


Standing in the courtyard at midnight, Hari is approached by a woman who tells him she's bought him and that if he serves her well, he'll be rewarded with more than any man could dream.


April 5 1365

Pattadakal, Karnataka, India- After 10 years as a slave to his Sire, Hari's Sire reveals to him her true nature and gives him a choice to do as she does and live an honorable and very profitable life, or to die right there. He chooses life and she embraces him on the spot.

Hunted Silk Thieves

1420 - 1430

For many years, Hari and his broodmates acted as spies, bounty hunters, and warriors for hire. They mainly tracked down Silk worm thieves and Kindred wishing to benefit from the secrets of Asia in European Courts.

Au Paired

1450 - 1460

After being placed with several Au Pairs and it not going well, Hari is finally placed with Celeste Chevallier, who at the time had a wild streak as well. They make a lasting friendship and she helps him learn how to manipulate the traditional Invictus system to get what you want.

Joined the Invictus


Hari is convinced to join the Invictus where they could use his cut throat go getter attitude to further their cause. He spends most of his time in his younger nights in Beaurdeaux, France.

Served the Invictus of France

1461 - 1776

Served under Celeste and several other notable Invictus as a body guard, spy, and warrior during those times. He was known for dueling and was incredibly wild on the battle field.

Joins Dynastic House Grahana


After meeting several other reckless youthful Invictus, Hari is convinced to join a Dynastic house they are building. In 1775 he is awoken and told that because of the death of one of the Dynasts, and the political obligations of another, the house would disband. Hari is left penniless and is distraught.

Helped conquer dunkirk france


Tracks Broodmate (Bahkti) from France and through Northern Africa

1777 - 1835

Hearing rumors of his broodmate Bahkti causing trouble in Europe, he tracks her to a small village in southern France where he finds out she's given herself to the Brood, and has been working with powerful sorcerers she refers to as "Djin" . She escapes him and they chase one another through Europe and into Northern Africa. Hari finally confronts her and they battle, finally resulting in his stronger broodmate and her allies overtaking him. She attempts to deablarize him but due to the fact that his beast is stronger, it fails and he is sharded into her body. He wanders back towards France for a year, attempting to cope with what has happened.

Soul Sharded by Bahkti


Captured by Invictus


Having traveled back to France, Hari is captured as a known member of the Brood. He is put on trial as his sister. It takes several years for him to convince them that he is in fact who he says he is. For a second time in his life, he is imprisoned.

Forcefully Suggested to Move to the US


After a grueling decade of readjusting to his new life, Hari takes the name Devi, after his mother, and trains himself how to be a woman with the help of Penelope Chevallier (Played by Alex Henning). He is politely informed that because of the travesty that is his situation, Devi should move to the United States to find new purpose for the Invictus. She goes begrudgingly.

Started American Dynastic House


In an effort to force tradition in a wild new world, Devi creates a new Dynastic house known as Asphdel. They grow in power enough that Devi can travel the country and enjoy herself, still coming to terms with who and what she now is.

Became Eclipsed Dynast of House Asphodel


Devi, being the eldest of the Kindred in her house, volunteers herself for Eclipse.

Dynastic House eliminated


During her sleep, a band of Belials Brood move into the area causing great strife upon their house. A great war insues between the two and the other two dynasts of her house are killed.

Awoke from Torpor

April 25, 1925 - April 26, 1925

With the death of her house, the rose stem wrapped around her heart squeezes tightly and wakes her from her sleep. In a fit of rage, she arises to find Brood ransacking their estate. She is thrown into a fit of rage and kills many of the interlopers before being forced back into torpor by a powerful warrior.

Held Hostage by Brood

April 26, 1925 - December 22, 2014

For nearly 90 years, the Brood hold onto her body for some unknown reason that not even Devi is aware of. After being saved by Penelope and a band of brave Invictus Knights, Devi is recovered and brought into the 21st century.

Acclimating to new world

December 22, 2014 - Present

Devi spends the next 5 months acclimating herself to her new surroundings. The world is much different than when she went into torpor. She spends a lot of time not understanding what things are and why people act the way they do. She is very much stuck in the old ways and traditions. Though, that might not be such a bad thing considering the breaking away from the traditions of Kindred Society.

Moves to Battle Creek

May 5, 2015

Historical Instances

Vijayanagara Dynasty

1336 - 1646

Building of Forbidden City

1406 - 1420

Chinas First Global Industrial Boom

1423 - 1430

The Ottoman Empire captures Thessalonica from the Venetians


Joan of Arc is captured

May 23 1430

Joan of Arc is captured by the Burgundians while leading an army to relieve Compiègne.

Pope Eugene IV

March 3 1431

Pope Eugene IV succeeds Pope Martin V, to become the 207th pope.

Edward I becomes King of Portugal.

August 14 1433



December 27, 1334 - August 5, 1420


August 5, 1420 - January 24, 1430

Middle East

Feb 1430 - Dec 1430


Jan 1431 - May 1800

Northern Africa

1800 - 1835


1836 - 1849

United States

May 1850 - Present



December 27, 1334 - April 5, 1365


April 5, 1365 - June 20, 1480

Amara Havana

June 21, 1480 - Present

Torpor 1

May 21, 1676 - August 2, 1776

Torpor 2

June 5 1876 - December 22, 2014


First Crucible

1620 - 1628

Boon Structure. Ashoka interested but not completely. Having calmed down from his crazy ways in the 14 and 1500s, he tries to help stabilize the Invictus during this time as an Archon.

Second Crucible

1773 - 1777

Spent the last year of this crucible in Monomancy with some dumbasses who decided their oaths to the First Estate were no longer important. Attempting to bring back the importance of structure in the First estate.

Third Crucible

1861 - 1865

Hari spent most of this time trying to assassinate leaders of the KKK in towns he visited in hopes of pushing back on the Hunters that would attack those he cared for.

Fourth Crucible

1912 - 1917

Fifth Crucible

1960 - 1965

Sixth Crucible

1988 - 1992

Seventh Crucible

2013 - Present


In depth memories from the major points in his Requiem

Character Ties

Celeste Chevallier