Period 2



563 bc - 483 bc


551 bc - 479 b.c

"great teacher" Created confucionism, supported by Chinese officials.

cyrus the great

550 bc - 530 bc

Founder of the Persian Empire

achaemenid dynasty

550 bc - 530 bc

AKA Persian Empire

roman republic foundation

509 bc

Pre-cursor to the roman empire

greco persian wars

498 bc - 448 bc

The warring time between the Greek city-states, and the Persians.


470 bc - 399 bc

Great philosopher of Greece.


428 bc - 348 bc

Student of Socrates, wrote Socrates spoken word down


384 BC - 322 bc

Student of Plato

alexander the great

356 bc - 323 bc

Great Macedonian king, took thrown at 20, while already having four years as a general.

mauryan dynasty

322 bc - 185 bc

Came before the Gupta dynasty in modern day India


304 bc - 232 bc

First ruler to openly support Buddhism, conveniently after he was finished conquering

qin dynasty

221 bc - 206 bc

Pre-cursor to Han empire, fell and was recycled through the dynastic cycle

han dynasty

206 bc - 220 ce

One end of the Silk road, traded indirectly with Rome. Also fell by very similar terms to the Rome empire


63 bc - 14 ce

Dictator of the Romans.

pax romana

27 bc - 180 ce

A document that kept peace for over 400 years throughout the Roman empire


0 bc - 30 ce

"Jesus of Nazareth", Prophet of Christianity, said to be Gods son


100 ce - 940 ce

Another significant trade route along the east African coast

yellow turban rebels

184 ce - 205 ce

Uprising in China, named so for the yellow turbans worn by the rebels

trans-saharan trade

300 ce

gupta dynasty

320 ce - 550 ce

Came after the Mauryan empire, founded by Maharaja Sri Gupta.

christianity as official religion of rome

380 ce

Supported by Constantine, then the capital of Rome was moved to Turkey

collapse of west rome

476 ce

Became poor, and the east cut off the west, so Rome could still somewhat survive