NDB City Support


City Expresses Interest

Approx. 01/01/2015

~2 weeks

City is Locked Down

Approx. 01/15/2015

Half-Way Point to Event


Day of Event


Business Development

Lead: JP


Lead: Cesley & Katrina

Provide Basic City Design Templates

Approx. 02/01/2015

Curator Spotlight Graphic
Speaker Graphics
Featured Influencers

Cities are encouraged to create their own designs for the basic necessary event graphics but must follow the general layout of provided templates. Cities can propose new layout for their event but initial concept must be approved by the Creative Director before execution of designs.

Establish Unique City Branding

Approx. 02/01/2015

Update Site with New City Event

Approx. 02/11/2015

Plan Space Design for Event

Approx. 02/18/2015 - March 17, 2015

Visit venue (if possible). Evaluate activation spaces.

Main Event Poster Design

Approx. 03/01/2015 - March 31, 2015

Refine Speaker Presentations

Approx. 03/18/2015

Basic Design Templates Altered

Approx. Mar 20, 2015

Necessary Design Assets to be Completed:

Curator Spotlight Graphics
Speaker Graphics
Featured Influencers


Approx. 03/25/2015

All Designs to Printers

Approx. 04/15/2015

Pick-Up Designs

Approx. 04/20/2015

Visit Space/Double-check Designs Work With Space

Approx. 04/22/2015

Re-submit Updated Designs for Re-Print

Approx. 04/24/2015

if necessary

Event Planning/Curation

Lead: Whole Team

Venue Locked Down

Approx. 02/18/2015

Food Sponsors Locked Down

Approx. 03/01/2015

Tech Check at Venue

Approx. 04/22/2015
  • Audio Check
  • Presentation Tech Check (projectors, clickers, computer-to-project compatibility)

Set-up Event Space

Approx. 04/30/2015


Lead: Sherina

Data Analysis

Approx. 01/29/2015

Need to Extend Network Virality

Approx. 01/29/2015

Contact City Marketing Point Person

Approx. 03/04/2015

Marketing Timeline Established

Approx. 03/04/2015


-Lack of communication on who's scheduling what and who's contacting whom
-Lack of resources

Collect & Schedule Content for Marketing Plan

Approx. 03/04/2015 - Approx. 03/19/2015

* Collect list of influencers, organizations, media outlets and contacts

* Lack of communication from Content Development on their plans

Establish Social Media for Event

Approx. 03/18/2015

City Expansion

Lead: Renjie

Select Curator/Build Team

Approx. 01/15/2015

Curator as host? (As long as they are prepped)

Research New Cities & Market

Approx. 01/15/2015

Build & Continuously Improve City Support Toolkit

Approx. 01/22/2015

Training Workshops

Approx. 01/29/2015

Receive Speaker Presentations

Approx. 03/18/2015