Rave History

Lead up to the CJA 1994


Hedonism starts first Illegal Warehouse partys

Approx. 02/01/1988

Spectrum changes its name to Land of OZ

Approx. 09/20/1988

After the Suns investigation Richard Branson allows Paul Oakenfold to Keep his night going as long as he changes the name.

Apocalypse Now Changes name to Sunrise


Due to the bad publicity at Apocalypse now Tony Colston Hayter changes the name to Sunrise. The first event is stopped by police

Sunrise Guy Fawkes party


4000 tickets sold
located at abandoned gas works used in Full metal jacket


Genesis hold their 2nd event


held in an empty warehouse in hackney
used car tryes uv lighting and stolen building materials and a christmas tree to catapult them into the premier league of party promoters.

the party attracted 900 people

Sunrise iv Boxing day


Genesis put on 3rd party


using the same venue as before now with a contract with the owner. 2000 people attend

sunrise v held at astoria


Genesis parties

01/01/1989 - 04/30/1989

The Fight Goes On
Against all odds
Strength to stength

Sunrise and Genesis team up for events under the name sunset


Tony Colsten - Hayter confronted by West Ham Football thugs who demand a cut in profits. this leaves him looking for venues away from football gangs

Joe Wieczorek puts on illegal warehouse parties in london Labarynth is Born


Adrenaline and Pasha start up


Links with ICF West hams football hooligans, the club soon becomes a gangland venue.

RIP move to Dungeons at Leybridge road


Biology hold their first event in a film studio in Battersea


Labrynth holds event in disused warehouse in canning town


An east end gang try to take over but are refused entry. 3 men sneak in with machetes attacking party goers the promoter is threatened at gun point.
Labyrinth moves to a licensed venue

Events move from inner city to the countryside


sunrise, biology, energy, back to the future, weekend world and world dance all compete to bigger and better than the last.

Back to the future have venue discovered by police


police find venue, promoters move to a venue in a silo full of grain

Centre Force becomes first 24/7 acid house pirate radio station


Set up by Andy Swallow and other people connected to Echos.
police intelligence suggests Centre Force is run by ICF.

Sunrise 5000 at Santa Pod


Energy puts on their 1st party


Biology hold a party near Elstrees studios


Hypnosis puts on first dance tent in a car park at Glastonbury


Energy put on 2nd party in Membury Berkshire


Police seal off 20 miles of the M4.

Biology event forced to move by police


Party ends up in Birmingham at a club at 8am after leading cars up motorway and country roads throughout the night.

World Dance near junction 6 of the M25 over 8000 attend


Energy offer free entry to first 5000 people to arrive


2000 people arrive

Sunrise a Midsummer nights dream attended by 11000


Held on an airstrip in Berkshire,

Energy party in a warehouse behind Heston services


over 1000 police seal off the entire area but ravers park up on the hard shoulder of the motorway and run across 6 lanes. enough people make it to the party the police are forced to let it go on

Future Dance Music festival held by Sunrise. 17000 tickets sold


Genesis and Biology join forces


Both events were scheduled to happen on the same night. However Police raid the Genesis party forcing it to join up with Biology.

Raindance hold the first Licensed all night event


Held at Jenkins Lane London 8000 people attend

Energy forced to occupy an aircraft hangar after the original venue is discovered 2 hours before the start of the event by police


Energy 89

Helter Skelter hold their first event near Banbury


KLF Demand to be paid in scottish pound notes. they write "children we love you" and throw them into the crowd

Biology tries to hold a party at Guildford featuring Public Enemy


30,000 people try to attend but police manage to stop the party

Pandemonium hold their last Illegal event


Held in a church in Telford. The surrounding ring road is blocked by police organisers Paul Archer and Paul Dawks are banned for holding events for 12 months

New Years Eve 1989


Sunrise plan a party and print the address on the flyer for the first time. Just hours before the event the landowner give in to police pressure and calls it off. The party finally ends up in Slough, where they join forces with Biology and Genesis

Weekend world, Biology, Sunrise and Genesis Join forces to put on a free party


Police roadblock the convoy, this leads to running battles with the police and ravers trying to get into the building. The party is allowed to continue to 9 am

Chris Perception holds first Perception party


Held at Brunell centre Bristol

Glastonbury Festival 1990

06/22/1990 - 06/24/1990

Festival travelers start hooking up with inner city sound systems like D.I.Y. A new scene emerges with travelling sound systems at illegal free festivals, Spiral Tribe and Circus Warp are born. Again a loophole in the law is exploited. As these are free party the Pay Party Unit has no powers. Its now mass trespass or breach of the peace. Both difficult to enforce when theres so many people

ESP do a joint event with Weekend World in Northmpton


The Event is licensed for 7000 an additional 5000 jump the fence to get in.

Time and Undrground hold their last event at the Rag Market Birmingham


James and Gideon hold a party at the Eclipse Covenrty - Fantazia is Born


ESP do a joint event with Weekend World in Northampton the event is licensed for 7000 and is the largest legal rave so far


ESP hold an event at Denbigh Leisure centre (Later Known as the Sanctuary) calling it Dreamscape


New Years Eve 1991


Fantazia 12,000 attend at the Westpoint exhibition centre
Raindance Big Bad Head at Melton Mowbray.

Spiral Tribe hold a Party in a disused warehouse in Acton


Castle Morton


D.I.Y. and many other sound systems attempt a free party at the Avon Free Festival. They eventually end up at Castle Morton Common. Police esimate 40,000 - 50,000 in attendance.

Dreamscape - Woodstock 2 - Cancelled


Cancelled due to problems with financier, the late cancellation loses ESP £1000's

Fantazia - Matchams Park Bournemouth


Fantazia hold "Summertime" at Mathcms park stadium. Gideon allows 16,000 tickets into circulation when the license is only for 8000. All tickets sold out resulting in 15 miles of blocked M1, which is shown on news at ten. Fantazia are unable to use this venue again due to this.

Amnesia House - Book of Love - Brayfield Stadium


Micky Lynas announces his intention to get married at a rave on BBC's "the time the place" back in 1989 . he gets his wish in 1992 and marries with 15,000 in attendance and Grooverider as his best man.

Fantazia - One Step Beyond - Castle Donnington 25,000 attended


licensed for 25,000 the totally outdoor stage was made to look like a castle with a giant dragon in the middle of the crowd.

Pandemonium - Here Comes the Sun/Vision Popham Airfield - Shrewsbury 25,000 attend


Licensed for 20,000 approximately 25,000 attend. Cancelled the day before due to a council blunder the party is directed towards another party in Popham with promises of ticket for Pandemonium being accepted. This was not the case. This leads to 1000's of people turning up and tearing down the perimeter fence.

Fantazia - 2nd birthday bash - The Sanctuary Milton Keynes


The Last Ever true hardcore even put on by Fantazia, theres talk of a larger event 30,000 people on the south coast but Fantazia fail to secure a license.

Universe Tribal Gathering - Warminster - 25,000


Causes Chaos on the roads with a 15 mile jam reported at 9pm

Universe - Big Love - 30,000 attend


2 totally outdoor stages set back to back Heaven (house) Earth (hardcore). Probably the last truly outdoor event. Sound restrictions cause the sound to be turned down half way through the Prodigys set.


Shoom Club opens

Approx. 11/06/1987 - 11/06/1987

Shoom owned by Danny and Jenni Rampling is one of the first acid house clubs to open in england

RIP opens in London


Hot and Nude at the Hacienda


The Norths first acid house night in Manchester

Paul Oakenfold opens Spectrum at Heaven


Trip Opens at the Astoria


Nicky Holloway opens Trip at The Astoria in London

Apocalypse now opens in London


Apocalypse now opens at Wembley studios, the event is filmed by ITV News. Interviews with djs are dropped in favour of spaced out kids

James Young starts club night Trance

Approx. 09/15/1988

Fabio and Grooverider start Rage club night


Ellis Dee and Chalky White Found Rave and the Cave in Elephant and Castle


KP and Wayne Anthony start Genesis with their frist party in Dec 10th


Konspiracy Opened in Manchester by Chris Nelson


Shelleys opens in Stoke on Trent


Eclipse opens in Coventry its the first legal all night rave club in Britain


The Hacienda Closes as door staff are threatened with guns


Owner Tony Wilson says "We are sick of the violence"

Quest is born at Wolverhapton civic hall


Obsession move to a weekly club night



Things Relating to the media

The Sun News paper cashes in with its own smiley t-shirt

Approx. 06/04/1988 - Approx. 6/4/1988

The sun cashes in on acid house craze by giving away smiley shirts this is shortlived

The Sun gives away frowny T-shirts to promote anti drugs message

06/13/1988 - 6/13/1988

BBC Bans Jolly Roger's Acid man


ITN News Films first Apocalypse Now Club and focuses on the spaced out kids rather than djs


The Sun Investigates into Heaven nightclub


The Sun investigates the Heaven Nightclub Owned by Richard Branson. and home to spectrum . Claiming "junkies" flaunt their craving by wearing t shirts sold at the club bearing messages such as "can you feel it?" and "drop acid not bombs" they had taken the term acid house and linked it to LSD rather than ecstasy .

American take on Acid house in 1988


The Daily Mail Reports Evil Night of Ecstasy at Sunrise


Summer of Rave Documentary 1989 video


Sun runs front page headline "Spaced Out"


sunrise party featured in sun article

The Sun Reports Ecstasy Airport


Reports of youngsters "so drugged up they ripped the heads off pigeons"
and "at the end of the night the floor was covered in ecstasy wrappers" (this was actually foil that had fallen from the ceiling)


Police Crack down on warehouse parties following a drugs related death


Robert Darby and Leslie Thomas Imprisoned

Approx. 09/30/1988

Both men imprisoned for consiring to manage premises where drugs are supplied. after organising a boat party on the thames they are sentenced to 10 and 6 years imprisonment.

Police Raid Sunrise


Police raid party and shut down music. by 5am the police withdraw as numbers at the party increase and police are massively outnumbered

Chief Superintendant Ken Tappenden sets up the Pay Party Unit


The Polices Pay Party Unit is set up to Keep a database of information on Party organisers etc and entered onto the Holmes database.

Police monitor info lines for Energy party


Police monitor phone lines trying to find wearabouts of the party

Police seal off access to energy party at Heston services


over 1000 police seal off the entire area but ravers park up on the hard shoulder of the motorway and run across 6 lanes. enough people make it to the party the police are forced to let it go on

Jeremy Taylor of Energy Arrested by Police


Jeremy Taylor arrested for causing a public nuisance following Energy event Dance 89

Police foiled in raiding Phantasy party


Police are forced back by strikeforce security with cs gas and dogs infront of a TV news crew

Graham Bright (Tory Mp) pushes for the Entertainment s (increased penalties) Act.


The polices "pay Party unit chases down known organisers.

Police stop Biology event and arrest Public Enemy at Heathrow Airport


Centre Force Radio is raided the Djs are arrested and Echo's club is shut down


Police car set alight during police battles with ravers trying to enter a party


Tommy Smith and Tony Crefts run of events in Blackburn come to an end as police raid the party with 10,000 people inside


The Increased Penalties Bill is passed


Penalty to organising an illegal event is raised to £20,000 and 6 months in prison.

Police attempt to shut down the Hacienda in Manchester


Following the death in 1989. After a lengthy court case the Hacienda stays open, it loses its original atmosphere as gangsters take over in the drug scene

836 Arrested at event in Yorkshire


Love Decade raided 836 arrested and detained by police. One of the largest mass arrests in British history. Only 8 are charged

Superintendent Mick Bromwich of Coventry brands the scene as a "Fad" that "will be over in 3 months"


284 Ravers arrested as police raid Mad Hatters Tea Party in Burnley Lancs


Police Raid Spiral Tribe party in Warehouse in Acton


police turn up in full riot gear, people barricade the entrances. The police use a JCB and sledge hammers to smash the wall. Eventually they break through storming the building beating people and making them lie face down on the floor. Over 100 people are injured. During the mayhem ITV turned up but is so freaked out by what it sees it leaves immediately.

Castle Morton


Police move travelers on from the Avon free festival this results in a long standoff between police and travelers, the travelers eventually end up at Castle Morton Common

4 Members of Spiral Tribe Arrested in Connetion to Castle Morton rave in 1992


Charges of "conspiracy to cause a public nuisance" are eventually dropped as thousands of ravers and travelers up and down the country report themselves as witnesses making the processing of the case virtually impossible.
Interviews with Spiral tribe not related

The Mother - Corby - Stopped by police


After the success of Last years Castle Morton Festival. A bigger event is planned on the outskirts of Corby, it is to be called "The Mother"
Unknown to the organisers some one puts up posters in the area publicising the event and giving police access to mobile phone lines. The sound systems mange to crack the site , but a major police operation blocks off the whole area and the phone lines go dead.

The Criminal Justice Bill is put to parliament


With the new rave clause, defining a 'Rave' as 100 or more people dancing outdoors to music "mainly comprising of repetitive beats" New powers for the police will include the right to detain anyone they believe is heading to an illegal rave and the right to confiscate the sound systems.


Shoom Adopts Smiley Face Logo

Approx. 01/01/1988 - 01/01/1988

The logo goes on to be the symbol for acid house

Acid house becomes a phrase used only by the media, Parties begin to call themselves Raves. The term Raver is born


Locations of parties are being kept secret


In a bid to keep parties secret from police promoters use messaging services and pirate radio to coordinate people to differnent meeting points and eventually the venue, sometimes wrong directions were given intentionally where the police have no choice but to follow. once at the venue 1000s of people would descend in a matter of minutes making it impossible to police.

The Size of the parties increases causing national panic


reports of over 20k people at one Sunrise event causes national panic, Reports of crazed teenagers tearing up and down motorways across the country some thing needed to be done.

16 year old Clair Leighton Dies after taking ecstasy at the Hacienda


Freedom to Party Campaign marches in London against the Increased penalties bill 8000 people gather


8000 people gather in Trafalgar square to hear speeches from promoters and djs. Amplified music is banned by the police. Chalky White is arrested by police as the demo is brought to a close

Alex Patterson and Jimmy Caut take over Djing at Land of Oz. Playing film music and animal noises. Ambient music is born


Pandemonium are Joined by Mark Chaimberlain for dealing with police and councils.


They do 3 sell out events in Maidly

Pirate Radio Kiss becomes the first pirate dance radio station to go legal


Shelleys Allowed to keep its license after police object on grounds of serious overcrowding.


Gideon is Sacked from Fantazia as a result of the ticket fiasco


Gideon goes on to form Chapter III promotions and Obsession is born. The first event is held at the park, wormlow, cheshire