Alien Land Law timeline


California assembly votes down Drew alien land law bill.


Bill had been amended at request of TR and Root so Japanese-only clause removed. Dramatic speeches reported. [Nashville American, 2/4/09]

Gov. Gillett and Speaker Stanton urge postponement following passafge of Japan school segregation bill.


Have received telegram from President urging postponement.

Sen. Edmunds of VT says CA would be within sovereign rights in alien land bill, but bad idea.


Lots of interest-based arguments [New York Times, 2/10/1909]

Bryan arrives in CA for meetings on alien land bills


European syndicates protest proposed anti-alien law


English and French capital in oil and mining protesting, mortgage holders alarmed. News that Wilson won't interfere. Completed bill drawn by Thompson subcommittee as substitute for Birdsall bill, will be taken up by Senate Judiciary committee tomorrow. [LA Times, 4/10/1913]

Japanese diplomats protest proposed anti-Japanese legislation, President hands off.


Understood that neither Wilson nor Bryan will interfere. Japanese protest to be held by State until law passes, then understood that Japanese residents of CA will test law in the courts.

Viscount Chinda is directed by his gov't to protest against CA anti-alien bill


Bill now seems to be in harmony with the treaty language, won't prevent Japanese from leasing land, will be tested in courts. [NYT, 4/13/1913]

Bryan telegrams Johnson warning that assembly bill may violate treaty, senate bill doesn't


Presumed based on his meeting with Chinda [Atlanta Constitution, 4/20/1913]

Bill changed to give permission to aliens eligible, in response to Wilson request, for ineligibles depends on treaty rights.


Act will prohibit all leasing of land.