Brittanis History


The Torn Treaty

May 19, 107

King Uther tries to sign treaty with Seridane. Prince Feravain disrupts meeting. Fomorians use the Waygates for the first time.

The Forlorn Fortress

Aug 25, 107

Heroes free Castle Valerias from Ruinpaur occupation. First appearance of Anwyn the Unseelie fae.

Current Year


Midwinter's Peace 107

Feb 8, 108

Prince Feravain agrees to cease hostilities with Albion.

The Wastewar Begins

Feb 17, 62

A horde of monsters pours out of the Waste, obliterating the kingdom of Logres and much of the north, forcing the rulers of Brittanis to band together against the threat.

The High Council elects a great warrior of Logres named Julius Ambrosius as the Pendragon, or High King of Brittanis.

Julius unites the armies of Brittanis and eventually leads them to victory against the horde, pushing the monsters back into the Waste.

Malagant Rebels


After just 7 years of rule by the Pendragon, the kingdom of Malagant rebels and declares independence. Pendragon Julius I rides to battle against the rebels in the south.