Aristotles life history


Moves to Athens

367 BC



384 BC - Approx. 320 BC

Aristotle Leaves Athen

347 BC

Goes to Atarneus with Xenocrates

Plato Dies

347 BC

Invited to tutor young Alexander the Great

343 BC

"After Mytilene, a brief period in Stagira. Then, Phillip II, King of Macedon, invites Aristotle to court at Mieza to tutor his son Alexander.

Artaneus (city) is taken by Persians

341 BC

Aristotle was to marry Hermias' nice - Hermias is tortured to death by Persians. Aristotle moves to Mytiline on the island of Lesbos. Meets Thophrastus (most famous pupil).

Returns to Athens/Starts Lyceum

335 BC

Academy is flourishing, but Aristotle sets up his own shop, the Lyceum.

Honours bestowed at Delphi

330 BC

appoximate - a fragment suggests that he was bestowed honours, but with the fall of Macedonia, the honours were flung down a well

Alexander dies/A leaves Athens

322 BC

Aristotle leaves Athens because his life is threatened - the famous quote "in order that Athenians might not commit a second crime against philosophy".