Homeland Security

Homeland Security helps reduce the impact the likelihood of a terrorist attack


Coast Guard

The U.S. Coast Guard is one of the five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.



Radios is a form of communication between Coast Guard units and other government entities, and the coast guard units and the general public.

Walkie Talkie


The first Walkie Talkie was used for the war and was often called c-58 packet set. It provides good communication between two people within a certain range. As a con, you have limited range for signal to communicate.

IT (Information Technology) Professional

IT professionals perform a variety of functions (IT Disciplines/Competencies) that ranges from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases.

Metasploit Pro


Metasploit Pro helps security and IT professionals prevent data breaches by conducting broad-scope penetration tests, prioritizing vulnerabilities, and verifying controls. It is also available to the community. It is free of charge for the basic version.

Alarm System

Prevents robberies, break ins, and many other crimes.



A panel is a metal box that holds the circuit board of the alarm system, along with the back up battery that powers your alarm during blackouts. It can easily be tempered if visible. As a social impact, a family social life will be protected from disturbance.

Fire sprinkler systems


Fire Sprinkler Systems discharge water when the effects of a fire have been detected, such as when a predetermined temperature has been exceeded. It alerts people who are asleep, and It puts out minor fires. As a con, it can be falsely triggered.



ADT (American District Telegraph) is a supplier of electronic security systems, fire alarm systems, communication systems, and integrated building management systems. The install and uninstalled process is fast and easy. ADT keeps people safe by having a 24 hour protection service

Smoke Detectors


Smoke Detectors was invented by George Andrew Darby in Birmingham. It's a device that detects smoke. As an environmental impact it can signal fire stations to prevent a big fire from happening.

Heat Detectors


It's a fire alarm device is designed to respond when the thermal energy of a fire increases the temperature of a heat sensitive element.

Medical Alert System


Medical Alert Systems is more veered to senior citizens. It is a bracelet that can be waterproof. It can also be turned in to a necklace or a belt given the type of attachments. There is no con in a medical alert system. Medical Alert Systems provides 24/7 monitoring by certified care specialists. As soon as you need help you can press the button and you will have immediate help.



It is one of the largest security alarm monitoring in the United States and has more than 800,000 customers. As a pro The company uses authorized dealer that might have their own prices and policies. As an Environmental impact they also have renewable energy resources.

Glass Brake Alarm System


A Glass Break Alarm is a small shock wave sensor that is placed on a window that detect sounds of breaking glass. It is able to detect sound up to 25 feet away. It can also falsely alarm from dropping and breaking a plate or glass cups. A glass break alarm system keeps families safe and alert. As a social impact, friendly neighbors could report window break ins, even if they can't see it. Glass Break Alarm Systems have been used also for business skyscrapers and buildings. http://www.alarmsystemreviews.com/glassbreak-detector-alarm-information.html

National Security

Motion Detector


It is a device that alerts the user of the presence of a moving object. It can also detect motion of intruders. A con may be, it can falsely detect a small animal passing by your house.

Permanent Protection

Smart Boxes


Smart Boxes are also known as Container Security Device, they register an alarm if an armed container is opened. If the devices detects such an intrusion or presence it transmits alarm information through the Marine Asset Tag Tracking System to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The malfunctions of smart boxes cannot sometimes not be fixed or controlled.


TSA Metal detector


Metal detectors are devices used to search for metal which may not be seen or hidden. It protects us from the possibility of guns or knives being brought aboard the airport. However, metal detectors can slow down the speed and production of the lines of people waiting to aboard the plain. It provides a sense of security to people and it will also bring in ore people and money by decreasing the number of discoverable artifacts to a point where the risk of faulty interpretation due to sampling error increases.




Nessus is a vulnerability scanner than is constantly updated, with more than 200,000 plugins. Nessus can only be licensed for home network use and the cost has increased from free to $1200 per year.

Video Surveillance Systems

a way to view people with video.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)


Originally, CCTV was invented to observe the launch of V-2 rockets. Nowadays it is used to help fight and prevent crime. As a con, camera can be vandalized or disabled. CCTV makes people feel safe in certain types of neighborhoods.

Video Analytics


This is a system where it automatically analyzes the video to determine different events. It contains a motion detector and so much more. Video Analytics are use for many other things than Homeland Security.

Public Safety Dispatchers

Public Safety Telecommunications


Public Safety dispatchers provide communication to the public. This was in full extent on September 11, 2001 when we (America) had gotten attacked by terrorist. As a pro, it is a 24 hour service where people can always call 911 and dispatch you to fire rescue, police, or the ambulance. A con might be not able to dispatch someone in time for need.

Radiological Detectors

Radiation Portal Monitors


Radiation Portal Monitors is a detection device the scans trucks or other types of vehicles for nuclear and radiological materials. It helps a community, a state, or a country safe by blocking out all forms of harmful materials. Radiation Portal Monitors stop radiological threats such as radiological dispersal device and nuclear weapons.




A reliable simple utility that reads and writes data across TCP or UDP network connections. The back end tool can be uses directly or easily driven by other programs and scripts. Netcat can sometimes contain bugs inside the program. It was distributed freely under the General Public License (GNU). The government also uses it to safe guard their information