Sprouting Remnant and Satan's Countermeasures

Reformation & final Remnant

b. Wycliffe


Luther's 95 Thesis


Calvin's 1st publication


Protestant victory over the Roman Church


The woman escapes across the sea to America, carrying Puritan & Calvinistic Biblical doctrine to be expounded upon. Reformation has found refuge.
Rev. 6; Dan. 7

William Miller begins to preach


1st public preaching

Great Disappointment

October 1844

Millerites form basic doctrines


Seventh day Adventist Church organized


Academic World

b. Ibn Khaldun: Father of Sociology


Asabiyya: Social solidarity, social cohesion. Social change occurs if Asabiyya is lost. Change is cyclic with fixed stages, each stage takes 40 years, total of 120 years.

Diderot's L'Encyclopedie

1751 - 1772

Publication of the first Encyclopedia by Diderot "became a program for change, transferring knowledge and authority from the clerical to the secular domains; with its publication,religion and irreligion became polarized and the various shades of distinction within Deism and natural religion began to disappear." Quoted from http://positiveatheism.org/hist/quotes/diderot.htm, retreived 8/21/2104

"What Diderot accomplished was to create one of the most important books of the Eighteenth Century. For Diderot along with his contributors, the common purpose of which was 'to further knowledge and, by doing, strike a resounding blow against reactionary forces in church and state.' . .. We can see the effects of the philosophy that drove the work, one of rationalism, and 'faith in progress of the human mind' at play in the French Revolution, hence the towering importance of this tome." Quoted from http://www.egs.edu/library/denis-diderot/biography, retrieved 8/21/2014

Kingdom of God--> Kingdom of Man & Nature


Hard-core humanism comes into existence

b. Auguste Comte


Comte's Religion of Humanity, Positivism


Three stage philosophy. Science replaces religion. Moving from theology through metaphysical to positivist stage (events explained as derived from laws).

Lyell's Principles of Geology published

1831 - 1833

Satan's counter attack via academia. Uniformitarianism attacked the Biblical Flood account, reducing the Bible to myth status.

Term "Prehistory" 1st used


Oxford Movement begins


Keble preaches sermon on National Apostasy. Academic resolution to: uphold apostolic successon & integrity of the Prayer book. Observance of ritual emphasized by Pusey. Vehicle for ecclesiastical and social reform. Religious community life emphasized (centers of charitable & social work).

RW Emerson's 1st lecture


Transcendentalism. H.Bloom in "The American Religion" calls Emerson "The prophet of the American Religion".
"When asked his religious belief, Emerson stated, 'I am more of a Quaker than anything else. I believe in the 'still, small voice' and that voice is Christ within us." (Wikipedia)

Roman Catholic Church

Jesuit order established


Ignatius Loyola established a new order of priests & brothers called the Society of Jesus, or Jesuits. "Jesuit priests have been known throughout history as the most wicked arm of the RCC." www.futurist-futurism/com/ quotes Edmond Paris. "At the Council of Trent, the Catholic Church gave the Jesuits the specific assignment of destroying Protestantism and bringing people back to the Mother Church."

Futurism born


Ribera & Bellamine, Jesuit priests, formed doctrine of Jesuit Futurism: 1. single antichrist (person) at end of time. 2. Received by Jews, re-establish Temple & Jerusalem. 3. Antichrist abolishes Christianity, persecute Christians during 3 1/2 year reign. GAP theory: when Rome fell, prophecy stopped & will continue again around the time of the Rapture.

Pope disbands Jesuit Society; Jesuits go abroad


Jesuits establish Georgetown University in US


Jesuits established their first institution for higher learning--Georgetown University.

End of 1260 Days: Deadly Wound to papacy


Daniel 7

Jesuit Order reinstated by Papacy


Pope Benedict XVI's Encyclical: "Caritas In Veritate"


Principle components: strong humanism, social justice, unity & peace among all people, the "common good" should not tolerate the exclusion of religion from the public OR religious fundamentalism--they "hinder . . . collaboration for the progress of humanity". Calls for a "political, juridical, and economic order which can increase and give direction to international cooperation for the development of all peoples in solidarity". "Christian humanism" and the need for a universal moral law.

Political & Natural World

Spanish Armada defeated


Revelation 11:15--Spanish Armada defeated & the new colonies of America were safely in the hands of the English Puritans. Zech.9; Joel 3:4

Lisbon Earthquake


1st of the signs of the end
Joel 2:10; Rev. 11:13; Rev. 6:12; Ezekiel 3:12

American Revolution

1775 - 1783

America: Declaration of Independence


Revelation 11

French Revolution

1789 - 1792

Signs of the sun & moon


Habbakuk 3:11, Amos 8:9,10; Joel 3:15; Joel 2:31; Joel 2:10; Mark 13:24
1790--Dark moon (1833--stars fell)

Two Witnesses dead 3 1/2 years

1793 - 1797

1798: End of the 1260 Days & Church of the Wilderness


Revelation 5,6 & Daniel 7:14: Christ crowned king of the earth; saints are a kingdom of priests to serve God and they will reign on earth. Psalm 2: nations kiss the feet of God's Son before His anger is stirred up (these nations only exist before Christ comes, not after).

Protestant America recognized politically


Statue of Liberty from France (Rev 12 describes a woman with the moon--deified Mary--under her feet. She has a crown--political power/authority--with 12 stars--represents ancient Israel, now spiritual Israel.)

Falling of the Stars in New England


First of the signs of the end predicted by Christ Himself. Christ was looking forward to New England & North America when he predicted the falling of the stars. Habbakuk 3:11; Joel 3:15; Joel 2:10; Mark 13:25

Investigative Judgment

1844 - 2020

(end date unknown)
Rev. 10:9; Ezekiel 7:3; Ezekiel 2,3

Revolution in Europe


Angels holding the winds of strife until God's people are sealed

Lincoln emancipates slaves


Christ's quotation of Isaiah: "I have come to free the slaves." He did not do this during his earthly ministry, waiting until after he is crowned king in 1798. Christ had not completed his work for the kingdom at the Cross. Luke 4: 18-19; Isaiah 61:1,2

Bin Laden's Declaration of War on America & Jews


2004 Asian Tsunami


9.0 earthquake caused a tsunami affecting 18 countries, estimated 225,00-250,00+ deaths, 1/3 of them children. Energy in tsunami equivalent to 23,000 Hiroshima bombs, or enough energy to power the US for 6 months.