Overseas exploration growth in Europe

Approx. 1490 - Approx. 1510

People were starting to go out of country for exploration because of the resurgence of population after the Black Death and new governments wanting to establish commercial development

Columbus sailed to the Americas

1492 - 1498

Columbus traveled from Spain to the Americas three times until finally realizing he had not reached Asia but another continent- gave Spanish incentive to explore overseas more

Hernando Cortes military expedition


military expedition against Aztecs, Tenochtitlan

Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigated the world

1519 - 1522

He was under Spanish control and so the Spanish had complete control over new territories. They claimed the entire New World except what is today Brazil that was reserved because of a papal decree for the Portuguese- Treaty of Tordesillas.

first permanent settlement in the United States


St. Augustine established in Florida

First actual colonizing venture


Don Juan established a colony in what is now New Mexico