An attempt to sort the various testimonies in constructing a plausible timeline for the events of the very early morning at Toddy's Backpackers


Braedon arrives at Toddy's Backpackers

Approx. 09/03/1998 3:30am - Approx. 09/03/1998 3:45am

Conversation between Heather and Braedon

Approx. 09/03/1998 3:45am - Approx. 09/03/1998 4:00am

Testimony of Heather, states that she awoke to male matching Braedon's description in her room, they conversed for ten minutes or so. Braedon speculates in his interview that it was around 4:00am, reasonable consistency between the two accounts

Kerry and Jennifer arrive back from Simpson's Gap Bar

Approx. 09/03/1998 4:10am - Approx. 09/03/1998 4:20am

Kerry's testimony, very approximate, does not state with any certainty

Braedon sees Kerry and Jennifer around the pool

Approx. 09/03/1998 4:30am - Approx. 09/03/1998 4:45am

Braedon attempts to have sex with Kerry twice

Approx. 09/03/1998 5:00am - Approx. 09/03/1998 5:15am

Richard Forster arrives at work and sees Braedon out the front of reception

09/03/1998 5:35am

His testimony, observes two people out the front of reception, one backpacker going on a tour with a large bag, and an aboriginal male matching Braedon's description on the seat with his head in his hands wearing no shirt, slim build, ginger top, 15-25 y.o.

Gail seen climbing the stairs to the Grape Room by Braedon and followed

Approx. 09/03/1998 5:36am - Approx. 09/03/1998 5:40am

Richard Foster parks bicycle and comes back around front of reception

Approx. 09/03/1998 5:40am

By this stage person matching Braedon's description is gone, backpacker is still there

Gail is raped by Braedon

Approx. 09/03/1998 5:50am - Approx. 09/03/1998 6:10am

Girls in the Grape Room recount being awoken just before 6/ around 6 by the noises coming from Gail's bed - largely corroborative with each other

Braedon angry at telephone box

Approx. 09/03/1998 6:10 - Approx. 09/03/1998 6:20

Forster's testimony, does not state precise time, but can draw loose inference that it was around this time from other testimonies. Forster states he is still shirtless and gets a clearer view of his hair, observes orange highlights

Kerry and Helen report the incident to Forster shortly after reception opens

Approx. 09/03/1998 7:00am - Approx. 09/03/1998 7:05am

Testimony of Forster, believes this to have occurred shortly after he had opened reception

Manager Paul Locke awoken by Richard Forster concerning rape complaint

Approx. 09/03/1998 7:05am - Approx. 09/03/1998 7:10am

Locke's testimony, pretty sure he is mistaken, he agrees that Forster began his shift at 5:30am

PO's Desmond John Sprigg and Dave Richardson arrive on scene

Approx. 09/03/1998 7:10am - Approx. 09/03/1998 7:20am

Were told not to come to standard readout and go straight to Toddy's at start of shift at 7:00, possible/likely that they arrived slightly later