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Approx. 4000 BC - Approx. 3000 BC

Before everyday life began to be recorded

Ancient History

Approx. 3000 BC - Approx. 500 AD

When Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome were formed

Middle Ages

500 AD - 1450 AD

The most turbulent period in European History

The Dark Ages

500 AD - 1000 AD

The Dark Ages were a period of time in history when the population was declining and literature or other arts were practically nonexistent. It gave way to a more enlightened time.

The Later Middle Ages

1000 AD - 1450 AD

The transformational period of modern history following the 17th century.

Early Modern Age

1450 AD - 1650 AD

Spans the period after the late portion of the Middle Ages, through to the beginning of the Age of Revolutions.

the Year Ella Girdler was Born

2000 AD

Ella Jane Girdler was brought into the world!