Spiritual Timeline


My momma told me to believe in Jesus

Approx. 1980 - Approx. 2014

Proverbs tells us to recall and give credit to those we have learned from. A big portion of my faith is due to my Mom.

Grandpa's death

7/1/1994 - 7/15/1994

Went to Japan because my grandpa was sick. My mother told us my father was going to talk to him about Jesus. I'm not sure what was discussed but after my Grandpa passed, my father stopped believing in Jesus. I had a choice to make

High School Boys being not boys

Approx. 1996 - Approx. 1998

The friendships I had through church during my HS days helped me repent of sin and see that believing in Jesus looked much more than just a prayer I had made years before.

Justin's wife believes in Jesus

Approx. 1997 - Approx. 1998

I grew up in the church, and even my own conversion is hard to pinpoint and see transformation. My friend's now wife was the first person I can remember seeing her life changed by Jesus, it was a faith building moment in my life.

Stranger stops by on a park bench

Approx. 2000 - Approx. 2001

I recall struggling over the will of God and this idea of free-will. As I was reading one sunny day in Canada while at school I was approached by an older man. He sat down and we talked a great deal about life, about missions, and about God's soveriegn plan.


Approx. 2003 - Approx. 2009

This pain is like a severe mercy. God used this to humble me and show me of his great love and forgiveness

Travels abroad

Approx. 2009 - 2011

Going overseas has a great benefit but in particular God used my time in Indonesia and Maldives to capture my heart, show where I wasn't repentive and give me more than I could have ever hoped or imagined to quote the Apostle Paul.

Church Family

Approx. 2011 - 2014

The discipleship and wisdom I receive through my church family and the incredible word received through the preaching of God's word weekly has greatly impacted me. God has used his gospel truth has changed me

My marriage and birth of my daughter

2/18/12 - 2014

They are a constant reminder to me of God's incredible love and grace